Friday, June 19, 2009

Jadyn's Baptism

Our church went out to Lake Granburry for a fish fry and baptisms. I got to baptize Jadyn with pastor Jason which was just about the coolest thing ever.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

East Texas

We made a family trip out to East Texas this weekend. A college buddy of mine lives out there on a couple of acres complete with pond. He lives almost in Arkansas so it's over three hours to get there. About an hour into the trip Bryn piped up from the back seat that we were near. I told her that no we weren't, but she insisted that was what the sign said. When I asked her what sign she was talking about she told me to look at the back of the semi in front of us. I had to laugh because the truck's company name was half on one rear door and half on the other spelling "Wer" "ner." It was a nice get-away for the four of us. The girls favorite part was four-wheeling around the pond and in the cow pasture. I got to ride the coolest four-wheeler called an Argo. It doesn't go very fast but it climbed really steep hills and it floats in water, so we got to take it for a swim in the pond.

I really need the summer break that is approaching, but I'm going to really miss my kids from this year.