Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The "R" Word

Jess sawDr. Haley her medical oncologist yesterday. She finally heard the "R" word that we have been waiting to hear, "remision." There were no surprises as to the medicines that Jess will be taking which for us was very comforting. She will be on femara, lupron, and herceptin (the last of which will be through her port every three weeks). She'll also get a diagnostic scan every three months.

On Sunday Jadyn's lymph node swelled up to the size of a golf ball. She's on antibiotics and has been sleeping in our room so we can keep an eye on her. We are also going to call soon to schedule her surgery for her hip.

Tonight was Open House for me. Since the parents are taking time out of their schedules to come up to the school I try to make it fun for them. Tonight we played trashketball which is a combination of trash and basketball. I asked them questions about my class, English related questions, and questions about YJH and if they got it right they got to shoot a paper wad into a wastebasket. If they made the basket, they earned their child points on a future assignment. I had a great time with them too: this year's group of parents is very, very likeable.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

God's All About the Details

I don't have a lot of to say (I have been speechless lately), but I just wanted to say a quick something about last night's meal. Every Wednesday night, our church serves a meal. Our God is all about the details because this Wednesday the church served enchilladas!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Follow Up

Yesterday, my surgeon called to give me the general consensus on the meeting about my ongoing treatment. As usual, it brought more questions that I will have an opportunity to ask at my next appointment Monday.

They saw no advantage to surgery at this time. They also want to save radiation to use later if needed. (Evidently you can only radiate a certain amount). I love what my friend Alyson said after I told her this: "We won't need it... We won't need radiation ever." She is so positive! I love that, and it's true, I won't need that radiation anyway!

I will keep taking a Lupron shot which shuts down my ovaries, a aromatose inhibitor once a day (a pill form like Tamoxifin or Femera) and a Herceptin infusion every three weeks. All very do-able, and easy to handle. I will ask Monday how long I am to do this regimen. But, I like what a close watch they are going to have on me.

I think I'll follow Alyson's advise to this step too, I'm glad we're doing all we can to prevent this recurrence, but it's not going to happen!

Still floating on a cloud,

Sunday, August 21, 2005


The last few days have been a celebration; a celebration of God's provision and goodness.

Friday, Jake celebrated in the halls at Young, our whole family called and emailed all we could, and my Dad took our immediate family out to dinner. Yesterday, we celebrated at my Aunt Diane and Uncle Mike's house. It was my grandmother's birthday so we had already planned a get-together. It was a good thing too because I could not go another day without hugging my family! They gave me a beautiful gold necklace with a gold cancer "ribbon". I had already recieved from them a silver one, but the new one symbolized a new chapter, one of victory and assurance. Today, we celebrated at church when our pastor called us up to the stage to give praise for this healing and pray for our family as we continue this journey. I was so glad when he also prayed for (as we are too) the others inside and outside of our church that are battling cancer right now.

I know there is more to come. But, I am so confident of this healing and completion that I can't wait to get started. Tuesday, I will know more about the coming stages. But count on me asking the doctors on my appointment Thursday, "Have you ever see this happen?!?"


** Thank you for your wonderful comments from Friday's post. I was visiting with my friend Sharon tonight when she said something I said have so often these last months: sometimes I didn't know what to pray, or how to do it. Sometimes I was so tired and ill, and weak, and drugged I didn't know what to say or do. And you intercede. You lift me up when I can't find the words for myself. For that, and so much more, I am so very grateful. I love you **

Friday, August 19, 2005


Okay, Jake beat me to it! But, I can't wait to share my excitement with you all too! And, I get to fill you in on the details!

I had my MRI today. That was a unique experience that I can spare you the details of (just imagine how they might do a breast MRI, and then imagine 10 times more awkward!) Then, I want for my appoinntment with my surgeon, Dr. Euhus. Sine they are on the same floor, and all computerized, the doctor just walked down the hall to get my results.

He came back to say that the MRI was completely clear! Now, when I told my Aunt Sandy this she said she was overjoyed, extatic, jumping up and down, but not shocked. She knew God could and would heal me. Well, I was shocked. I am humbled and grateful, but still in shock. Shocked at God's amazing provision and the way my body accepted these chemo drugs. I know God is teaching me that I do not have to be shocked any more by his complete protcection and provision over me. He has proven this to me over and over. I get it now!

Dr. Euhus also told me the results of my scans on Wednesday, a CAT scan of my abdomen, chest, pelvis, and a nuculear bone scan. All these also came back completely clear!

They cannot feel any lumps or masses, and they cannot see any on any scan or test they have run so far!


The next step: Dr. Euhus will be there to present his results at the meeting this Tuesday with Dr. Haley, and anyone else who has worked with me and has input to offer. It is Dr. Euhus' opinion that surgery is not the only way to prevent a recurrance in my case. I would not have a lumpectomy (since there is no "lump" to get!) so the option is a masectomy to remove all chance of recurrance. Dr. Euhus is not necessarily for this, since my cancer had metastisized, it has a chance of recurrance in all those other places, not just the breast. Radiation is an option, but also one that is unlikely according to Dr. Euhus' for similar reasons. He leans toward carefully watching the entire body for recurrance, and using a hormone reducing drug to keep cancer growth down.

That said, at Southwestern, they work as a team. So after everyone weighs in on my case, I will get an opinion from them Tuesday afternoon. Then, we'll go forward from there.

I am so excited about this news!!! I want to ask my doctors, IS THIS NORMAL?? But, I know the answer...no, it is not. It is a wonderful, amazing GOD thing, and I can't wait for the next step.

I love you all!!

The Whole Enchilada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm teaching class right now, but this can't wait. ALL OF THE SCANS REVEALED NO TUMORS!!!!!!!!!!! That means no surgery and no radiation.

What this most likely means as far as treatment is hormone therapy to help prevent further tumors and regular check-ups.

Praise God! If you hear a loud noise right now it's just me shouting for joy.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yesterday's tests

Yesterday's tests took a lot longer than Jess thought they would. They injected her with some stuff and made her drink some really nasty stuff (she said it looked milky but tasted fruity) and had to wait a long time for the stuff to enter her system. She went in about ten and got home about 3:30. The last time Jess got a similair injection the dye (or whatever it is) leaked out of her veins and into her arm causing it swell up. This time Jess said the nurse was very careful and the dye stayed where it was supposed to.

Jess also had a bone scan. One cause for concern is the technician ordered an x-ray on Jessa's lower back after he did the scan. Jess said he didn't talk to her about why did the x-ray, but our hope is that he saw a treated area and not an active tumor.

Jess goes to the dentist today (why not get all the prodding and poking done in one week) along with Jadyn and Bryn who are going for the first time. As we were leaving the house Katelyn (our drama queen) let out a piercing scream followed by a yell "Jadyn and Bryn are going to the dentist?!?!?" Katelyn was just being overdramatic, but I am hoping that the Yikes will go into the car now without kicking and screaming.

Jess has at least one more test tomorrow (MRI) followed by a visit with her surgeon. I am more than a little bit nervous, but also hopeful.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Today Bryn got her cast off. It was nice to have it off, but she kept falling today. Our little Bryn is not a crier (at least not when it comes to getting hurt), but cried a lot today and kept saying "My boo-boo hurts." The doctor said it will be sore for the next couple of weeks, but every time she falls I keep thinking she's broken her arm again.

Jess has two scans tomorrow. She has a bone scan at ten and a CAT scan at eleven.

Monday, August 15, 2005


It was really nice to have a "normal" weekend. No trips to the hospital, no throwing up, and everyone spending the night in the same house. I say this because Jess thinks that the latest updates might be too boring-- not enough excitement. I am completely the opposite-- no exciting news means Jess is doing OK, so bring on the boring stuff I say!

Today was perhaps the smoothest first day ever. The copier wasn't fixed until this afternoon, but my classes went just fine anyway. Katelyn had a good first day back too.

Tomorrow Bryn gets her cast off although (I'm not making this up) she really likes it and has grown attached to it. That said I hope she has had her fill of casts this year.

Jess has her first tests this week on Wednesday. I'm asking our God of the Possibles for the impossible-- that the scans show that there are no tumors at all. God will choose to do what He wants to do (and we are OK with that), but there's nothing wrong with asking for the whole enchilada, right?

Friday, August 12, 2005

Katelyn's Home:)

Katelyn's home after two weeks with her grandparents in Portland, Oregon. For us it felt more like three weeks because she was gone for a week of church camp right before her trip. We all really missed her. Jess has her (Katelyn) in the morning going clothes shopping and a hair cut so she can be styling at school, and I have her for the night taking her and a friend to a profesional soccer game in FC Dallas's brand new stadium, so we are wasting no time in "catching up" with her.

I am almost ready for school on Monday. I would be even more ready, but our school's one copier broke down. I should have known better and got my copies done earlier because our copy usually dies right before exams have to be run off and right before school starts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Good Day for Jess

Today we signed Jadyn up for fall soccer. When we got back in the car to head home Jadyn became concerned and said, "Daddy, I haven't got to play my game yet." She is going to have to wait a while her first game is September 24th. We were debating whether even to let her play soccer in the fall (I'm sure some of her games will conflict with Katelyn's), but when we found out about Jadyn's upcoming surgery it was very clear to us to let her do all she can now.

Other than the lingering bad taste in her mouth, Jess had another great day. Jess did the Hip-Hop Class again at the Y today which is a pretty strenous workout. She felt a little more comfortable today among the dancing divas because there was one really bad dancer who had about as much style as a sumo wrestler doing a belly flop. However, as her husband I figure its one more thing I can do to support her.

I think it would be really cool if next week Jess's scans revealed that no surgery is needed. Keep on praying warriors.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Thoughts from Jadyn

Much earlier this year, Jadyn cut her hair. Jess was able to salvage it into a decent looking but very short cut. So that Jadyn wouldn't like her hair so short (and therefore prevent any further self-hair cuts), Jess kept telling her that she couldn't wear pigtails until it grew out. Well, today when we told Jadyn that mommy's hair would start growing out again, Jadyn turned to Jess and said, "Now you can wear pig-tails!"

We were also talking to Jadyn about getting her cast at the beginning of next year. Now when Jadyn was about eighteen months old we had to put her in a traction contraption the whole day except for meal times, baths, and diaper changes. If we wanted to take us with her, we could take her out to put her in her car seat (for short trips), but then we had to put her back into traction. The only way we could walk with her is to put the whole contraption into a wagon and pull her. We have since given the wagon to charity. To flash back to the present, when we were talking to Jadyn about her cast at first she was fine, but then she said "Oh no!" Jess and I both anxiously asked her what the matter was. She told us, "We don't have the wagon anymore."

Jess is feeling much better today. She has a constant bad taste in her mouth, but the queasiness is pretty much gone.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Playing Catch-up

My flight got delayed tonight, so I missed tucking my girls in tonight-- I didn't realize Jadyn appreciated my bear sounds so much. For me the blog, has served as a "catch-up" for me since Jess is fast asleep in bed. I didn't even know she was home-- and she didn't either-- she jumped put of bed about three feet in the air then went right back to sleep. I think this time has been particularly trying on her-- I have been calling her everyday for a few minutes (just long enough for her to know I have been thinking about her and short enough for her to get her rest) and her "I'm fines" have been sounding weaker and weaker. I know part of that has to do with not being able to keep down food this time around.

I had both an enjoyable and interesting trip. I got to see a ton of Heather and Terry (who I had never met before) which was fantastic. I also got to spend a lot of time with my dad. It just happened to be underneath his house in the dirt with water pouring down on me. You see my dad bought an old house from the 1920s and has been fixing it up. It just so happened that he chose to replace the old copper and iron pipes with PCVC ones the day I got there. We started in the morning and worked non-stop until the next morning. I took a shower about 3:30 AM utilizing the water pipes we put in and it felt wonderful. Actually I really enjoyed helping my dad put the pipes in and the rest of the time I got to spend with him and the rest of the family.

Heather's wedding was beautiful. She arrived in a horse draw carriage and got married in a garden park. She designed all of the boquets and table arrangements and I must say I was very impressed. I am very grateful for my Jessica approving of the trip.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Chemo day

Today I had my 6th round, accompanied by my sister Hope and friend, Jessica. We had a good time together. Actually, I should say they had a good time while I slept all through our movie, True Lies. I woke up for the climactic ending.

Dr. Haley had to write down her notes onto two pages this morning. We had a lot of appointments to make. The week of the 15th (of course it's the week school starts!!), I will have appointments for a MRI of breast and underarm, CAT scans of various other parts, a bone scan, and an meeting with the surgeon, Dr. Euhus. Then on the 22nd my doctors will present my case to a board that makes decisions about further treatment. I've said before on the blog, but I love that they all work as a team. I will meet with Dr. Haley on the 25th to get her update and to get started.

Even though I know the next days are hard, I am comforted by the fact that this is the last round of this type of a heavy "3 week" dose of chemo! My sister is spending the night with me tonight because Jake is still out of town. My Aunt Sandy has coordinated the rest of the weekend to have us all covered.

Even though I am so happy that Jake is spending time with his family in
Maryland, we miss him here too. Jake usually does the whole bedroom routine. It starts with pj's, teeth, and ends up in bed with a story, a few sips of water, and special daddy hugs and prayers. I am attempting my best to fill in, but it is challenging. During our story of the 3 little bears, Jadyn started crying...screaming crying. She said that daddy makes the bears go "Grrrr", not "Roaaar". She actually screamed this message to me and covered her face in the covers. After the story, I just lay down with her and rubbed her face as Jake often does, and she drifted off to sleep. Jake gets home Sunday night, and I hope it is in time to tell her a good night story!

Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

August Prayer Calendar

1st Pray for healing 1 John 5:14-15
2nd Pray for healing for surgery and treatment plan Proverbs 8:14
3rd Pray for God’s timing with the surgery date Ecc 3:1
4th Chemo today. Pray for rest. Deut 32:10
5th Pray for strengthening 1 Peter 5:10
6th Pray that the Lord would be their helper Hebrews 13:6
7th Pray for peace for the whole family 2 Thes 3:16
8th Pray unity Col 3:14
9th Pray for no fear 1 John 4:18
10th Pray they cast all anxieties 1 Peter 5:7
11th Pray for strengthening Col 1:11
12th Pray they would put their minds on godly things Phil 4:8
13th Pray they would stand in the Lord Eph 6:10
14th Pray that God would do more than we ask Eph 3:16-21
15th Pray for protection 2 Thes 3:3
16th Pray peace to rule in their hearts Col 3:15
17th Pray that we would bear this burden Gal 6:2
18th Pray they would find Christ sufficient 2 Cor 12:9
19th Pray they would find triumph in Christ 2 Cor 2:14
20th Pray they would rejoice in hope, perseverance, and pray Rom 12:12
21st Pray they would abide in Christ John 15:4
22nd Pray their faith would rest on the power of God 1 Cor 2:5
23rd Pray they would be directed into the love of God 2 Thes 3:5
24th Pray they would take all anxiety to the Lord Phil 4:6-7
25th Pray God’s hope would fill them joy and peace Rom 15:13
26th Pray they would take refuge in the Lord Nahum 1:7
27th Pray they would trust the Lord as their rock Isiah 26:4
28th Pray they would trust God and not be afraid Isaiah 12:2
29th Pray they would run to the Lord the strong tower Prov 18:10
30th Pray God give wisdom to the doctors Prov 8:14
31st Pray for rest and good sleep for all Prov 3:24

Jadyn's hips... and hip hop!

I took Jadyn to Scottish Rite today for her yearly check of her hips. The X-ray showed no signs of improvement, even though she had a great physical exam: her hip had great rotation, and she is walking and running normally. However, eventually she would have problems with her hips if left untreated (arthritis and early hip replacement...) because her socket is not deep enough. He gave me some leeway on the date, so I am going to figure out my surgery first and book hers a little later. In the Kaylor family, you have to wait your turn with major problems. Unfortunately, no one has been following that rule! I see many good things about this, even though it was not the news we wanted: 1st, it is a correctable problem. Dr. Johnston says he has great success getting a perfect hip with this method. 2nd, Scottish Rite is a free orthopedic hospital, so this hospital stay is completely covered. And, we have some time to deal with it (just needs to be done before she turns 5). When we decide to do it, she will surgically have pins put in her hip to pull the socket into place, she will have a body cast over 1 full leg and I think half of the other for 6 weeks. Then they'll take the pins out and the leg/hip should begin to grow correctly.

Speaking of hips...
Tonight I took a hip hop dance class at the Y. If any of you are feeling down and want some good entertainment, you can come to my next class to watch me make a complete fool of myself with dancers that are about 17 and many others with just a ton of rythm. I do it because it's the best workout I get all week, and the time flies by. And, I fit right in with my do rag-bandana. It really is a good mind break. It's my goal this round to make it to this class on Saturday.

Tomorrow I am off to my 6 of 6...my 6th round of my 6th treatment. I am not necessarily looking forward to it, but I am excited that it is the last of this type! God has assuredly gotten me this far, I know I can do one more with His help. I am not expecting Dr. Haley to tell me much of anything new tomorrow. I think she will set up my appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Euhus. It is after that surgery consultation appt. that Drs. Euhus and Haley will meet to discuss the next phase of my treatment. I love that at Southwestern, the doctors are all part of a team. It really helps to have that unified plan of attack.

Thanks for thinking and praying for our family this week! We feel lifted up all the time.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Back to Work

I wanted to write tonight because I may not get a chance these next couple of days while I am in Virginia, but I am going to make it quick because Jess has already started heading for bed. Today I did my first of two days of teacher in-service. It was a lot nicer than I imagined it would be mostly because seeing teachers from Young (my school) and two of the elementary schools: Corey and Wood is a lot like visiting family. I leave tomorrow night for Virginia and Katelyn has already left to spend two weeks in Portland with her grandparents. I am still a little worried about Jess, Bryn, and Jadyn since I will be gone-- but I feel much better today: thank you for your prayers.