Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day

The first day of school was great!! The Thursday before school started, Wood hosted a Sneak-A-Peak where the kids got to meet their teachers, take all their school supplies to school, and get to know their classroom a little.  Bryn and Jadyn were all smiles for this big event.  We have been counting it down on the calendar for weeks!  

Here is Bryn with her Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Maurer.

...and standing by her very own locker! 

...checking out her new room.  She loved the reading corner!

Bryn spotted her good friend Evelyn at Sneak A Peak where they found out they would be in the very same class!

Jadyn, getting her supplies out and in the right place for 1st grade!

Jadyn with her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Duron.

The first day started out with little Bryn saying that she did not want to wear her "first day of school outfit".  If you are a mom, you are aware that the first day of school outfit is carefully selected by both mother and child.  It has to be both cute and functional.  It sets the stage for the whole blasted year as far as I am concerned!!! Well, what exactly do you say at this point!! I could think of only two options:
1) Say no, you get what we picked and you don't throw a fit...with the possibility of tears on day one.
2) Say yes, go pick out another outfit (and in your mind thinking that it had better be good!!)...with still the possibility of tears if the correct outfit is not found in time.

I went with #2. The first outfit she brought to me for approval came from (and I am certain of this) the dirty clothes.  I can say this because she has picked this outfit (and worn it!!) from the dirty clothes basket at least three days in a row.  With a (loud) sigh I told her to try again.  Now, we have 9 minuted before my friends come for pictures and she is in the closet with the door closed.  I am sure, close to tears.  

The sad part of this story is that my wheelchair does not fit into the girls room, so I have no way of getting to her physically.  I try, successfully, to coax her out with kind words about how beautiful she will soon look in whatever outfit/ensemble we throw together in now 8 minutes.  

We finally agree on an outfit. I am not incredibly pleased, as I think it is a little too big.  (of course, this is my fault as when we went clothes shopping, we bought the clothes a little big so she could wear them longer).  But, it is pretty and Bryn is happy, so off we go!!! 

Does anyone else have these problems???

When we get to school, I realize all this was nerves as she did not want to get out of the car!  Thank goodness Jake was there to carry her for a bit, and  give her plenty of hugs.  Pictures went well with our playgroup.  We now have 5 in school! Whew!  I can't believe they were once so itty-bitty.  

4 happy Kaylors (Katelyn is still at home getting ready, happily going a little later than the yikes!).

Jadyn and Bryn on the first day of school.  They are so excited to be at the same school this year.

Notice Jadyn is holding all her stuff while Bryn is not!

5 friends in school!

We drop Jadyn off in her first grade room with Mrs. Duron with complete success. She can get her backpack and find her seat all by herself. 

Jadyn on the first day with her precious teacher!

Then, we head to Bryn's class quite slowly.  Plus, she does not want to carry any of her things: backpack, nap mat, lunch box... We help her put away her things and she, again slowly, goes to her seat.  I am so relieved that we know Mrs. Maurer and she is comfortable in her class.  Also, it helps that one of her best friends (Evelyn) is in her class.  So, she has some familiar faces.  We might have all been in tears had this not been the case.  

Bryn and Daddy before the big day!

Mom and Bryn ready to go into her classroom.

Bryn all smiles with her teacher.

We left and I went home to a quiet house, and I spent the whole day at home with my grandmother (great company!!).  You should have seen us when it got close to the girls coming home...it was like Christmas, we were so anxious about hearing about their day!

Katelyn was picked up a little later. I did not get the opportunity to take pictures of Katelyn with all her teachers. Wouldn't that be fun next year though! I am sure she would love that!  Katelyn is now 5'4" now and so beautiful! She starts volleyball tryouts on the first day and for the rest of the week.  There are over 50 girls trying out for 22 spots.  She does not seem too nervous, but I am!! I know she is much more resilient that me when it comes to this sort of thing.  She will be fine either way.  

When Shelly dropped off the girls at the end of the day, they were NON-stop talking about school.  When one would stop to take a breath, the other would jump in with something fun to share.  This is very unusual for them both.  I am quite used to "We played." or "We had lunch." as the commentary for the day.  I am, thus, quite grateful for the barrage of talking about their day.  I hope that every day is just as much fun for them.  

I am so excited for their years at school together.  One of Bryn's favorite things was seeing her family and friends at school throughout the day.  She said she would give them a high-five if they met passing in the hall.  What fun! I would love to go to school with so much of my family.  Some of my favorite memories of elementary school involve having my Aunt Sandy as a teacher in the same building with me!  

Katelyn had a great day too.  She loves a lot of her classes and loves being an 8th grader.  At our school district you go from being at the bottom (7th grade) to the top of the totem pole (8th grade) before moving on to high school.  By the way, if Katelyn heard me using the words totem pole she would be horribly embarrassed.  Its the age!! I am SO not cool!

I think that is a lot for one day.
Much love and laughter to all of you!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hair cuts!!!

Okay, the little girls decided they wanted a hair CUT. Meaning, they did not just want a trim, but a to their chin hair cut! I was a little unnerved, especially with Bryn's long curly locks. Jaydn's hair is already fairly short (shoulder-length). So, we sat on that decision for a few weeks, four in fact. So, here we are a week before school, and they still wanted a short hair cut. Actually, it went a little like this...

Jadyn: "I still want my hair cut short."
Bryn: "Me too!"

Bryn could be called the "me-too" sister. Ah, the love of the youngest child.

So, my mom picked me up and off we go to get their hair cut. I had already decided that if they wanted their hair cut more than a little, we were not going to Cool Cuts for Kids or Sweet and Sassy. Those are fine places, but I wanted certainty, and that meant Cory at Sheltons! When I have hair, he cuts mine and he has cut Katelyn's locks for years too.

It went great. The girls look beautiful and I know their new styles will be easier for me in the long run with styling in the morning. Here are a few pictures from the big event.

Before... (still lovely as can be)

During... (I love the serious face!)

After! (don't you just love a good haircut!)

These pictures were taken with my mom's camera, so while I was downloading the hair pictures, I snagged some more good ones. Some are of Hope's last days in Texas. Austin started school already and has made a few friends, one just in their neighborhood! I am so happy for them, but man, I miss you guys like crazy!!!

Austin and Grandpa (I think this was taken with Grandpa's long arm!)

Austin is having fun playing Monopoly with Uncle Garett and Grandpa.

Cousins are the best! (Katie with Ella, Austin and Bryn)

Grandma and Ella, all smiles!

Look at that smile...I could eat it all up!

Swinging with Ella :) 

Another picture was of my Dad and his Dad. He has parkinson's and is now in an assisted living facility. This is good as he was in the hospital not long ago. Here they are with my Dad's sister, my Aunt Joann. I love her and her contagious smile. Don't you just smile looking at it!!

Unless another major event happens, my next post will probably be first day of school pics! Yea for school:) My tummy has been hurting a bit, so all my prayer partners out their can add that to your list.

Love to all of you,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick updates..

Katelyn: picked up schedule at school (she is in the "Pride" 8th grade group) and she is very happy with her classes and has friends in all of them. She is taking a few volleyball clinics to get ready for tryouts on the first day of school!! She is now at least 5'5'' (and growing) as we found out when trying on her choir uniform.

Jadyn: completely ready for 1st grade. She is counting down the days. We picked up her school supplies yesterday and she they are now a centerpiece of our dining room table. She wants to wear all her back to school clothes now! She starts soccer, with Jake coaching, next week.

Bryn: super excited about starting school. I have asked her a few times if she is going to stay home with me. She said she will draw me pictures! She will also start soccer. I say I will not be sad to have her leave and go to kindergarten, but my house will be so quiet without my little funny-bug!

Jake: starts school Monday. Today he had a taste of this with a morning inservice. He is excited to get a whole new group of students. He is nervous to leave me all day. Life will get more complicated without my stay at home dad.

Me: My wonderful doctors are all maintaining the status quo. All of them seem to think things are going well and think we are on the right track. My pain is well managed, something I cannot say enough about. My plans for when the kids all go off to school are panning out. I will have someone come by each day to check on me, and visit. I will look forward to spending time with my friends and family more. I will also continue my water therapy two times a week until they kick me out! This week, I walked in the water all by myself and now my PT does not feel the need to be in the water with me (holding on!) so I am on my own!!

I could say summer goes fast, but it is really life that goes fast. Hold on tight and relish the moment you are in.
Much love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My wonderful brother-in-law, Matt took pictures for me of me and the girls. I LOVE them!! He did such a good job. It is just what I hoped for. I am publishing a few for you all. Thanks Matt for doing this for us. It means so much to me. I miss you all, precious Pavel family...

Day by day!

A really cool thing has happened and I am sorry that I have been slow to tell you all about it! I am improving! Don’t stop the presses or anything; however, I have found a concrete example of said improvement.

At the beginning of the summer, I started going to a Bible study a friend has been leading for the last 3 summers. It was a big commitment for Jake and me to make, because it meant Jake driving me there at 8:00 and then picking me up at 10:00…PM. On several occasions, the yikes would have to be woken up to come get me if someone was not there to watch them!

Well, a dear friend Jaynie called me up the night before the first meeting and offered to pick me up. I laughed and told her that Jake would have to take me as no one else could possibily get me into my wheelchair, into the car, up the steps of the house I’m going to, and all back again. We hung up and Jake and I smiled at her offer, but knew that I was not ready for that. Ha Ha!!

So, the summer went on, and I attended Bible study each Tuesday with Jake as my chaufer. BUT, on the last day of Bible study, Jaynie was able to pick me up, get me in the car, up the steps of the house, and back home safely again, just the two of us! What a change! I am amazed at the change before my eyes. Yea!

This means
1) I am getting stronger to do more on my own
2) God has accomplished a great work and
3) I trust my friends!

A BIG thank you to my friends (and sister!) who have learned to break me out of the house. I know it is a huge sacrifice. Asking me to go to lunch, or take the kids to Chick Fil A is not an easy task. I understand and so appreciate the huge effort you make to include me. You all rock!

Here are a few photos of San Antonio that I snagged from my Aunt Sandy’s photo card. Enjoy☺

Jadyn and Bryn smiling the entire vacation...

Jake said he was not in any of the other San Antonio pictures I posted, and so here he is...he was actually there!

I love this picture of my mom and brother, Garett!