Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick updates..

Katelyn: picked up schedule at school (she is in the "Pride" 8th grade group) and she is very happy with her classes and has friends in all of them. She is taking a few volleyball clinics to get ready for tryouts on the first day of school!! She is now at least 5'5'' (and growing) as we found out when trying on her choir uniform.

Jadyn: completely ready for 1st grade. She is counting down the days. We picked up her school supplies yesterday and she they are now a centerpiece of our dining room table. She wants to wear all her back to school clothes now! She starts soccer, with Jake coaching, next week.

Bryn: super excited about starting school. I have asked her a few times if she is going to stay home with me. She said she will draw me pictures! She will also start soccer. I say I will not be sad to have her leave and go to kindergarten, but my house will be so quiet without my little funny-bug!

Jake: starts school Monday. Today he had a taste of this with a morning inservice. He is excited to get a whole new group of students. He is nervous to leave me all day. Life will get more complicated without my stay at home dad.

Me: My wonderful doctors are all maintaining the status quo. All of them seem to think things are going well and think we are on the right track. My pain is well managed, something I cannot say enough about. My plans for when the kids all go off to school are panning out. I will have someone come by each day to check on me, and visit. I will look forward to spending time with my friends and family more. I will also continue my water therapy two times a week until they kick me out! This week, I walked in the water all by myself and now my PT does not feel the need to be in the water with me (holding on!) so I am on my own!!

I could say summer goes fast, but it is really life that goes fast. Hold on tight and relish the moment you are in.
Much love,

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Amy said...

I want to come spend a morning with you, drinking coffee and laughing together at kid stories. Why do I live so far away? Regardless, I can't wait to hear all about the girls' first days back!
Amy and Crew