Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thanks again! Posted by Picasa
A group of wonderful 3-Day walkers (one of whom works with my dad, Mike at Southwest Airlines) came by Saturday. In their fundraising efforts, they did a basket give-away. The man who won the Mary Kay gift basket offered to give it to me!! So, these precious women (and one very nice young man) walked over as part of their training for the October walk, and delivered this basket. I have started enjoying it already. Thank you! Check out their website at:http://www.the3day.org/dallas06/boobies Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 18, 2006

Good News

Jess got a wonderful b-day present today. It was personally delivered by Dr. Haley today. We were hoping that the full body scan would show that the tumors had not gotten worse, but the news was better than that. Some of the spots are getting better-- they show signs of healing! Yes! Sometimes everyone will chip in a few dollars to get someone a bigger, nicer present. In this case you and lots of others chipped in your prayers for a big, perfect present!

I'm still feeling the lingering effects of a migraine I had this weekend so I am going to bed, but let me leave you with a funny story. Jadyn was sitting with me watching Bryn try to write jer alphabet letters. They have mostly been looking like scribble scrabble, but she did really well on her P's. Jadyn gushed to her little sister, "Bryn you're a great 'P'er." You might have to say this one out loud to get it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Results from the MRI

The MRI on Jessa's back showed that she had been treated with radiation and that she has a bulging disk (whatever that is) and a Schmorl's node (I had an even less of a clue what this was so I looked it up but I still don't know-- I wasn't able to translate the medical jargon). However, the scan revealed no pinched nerve so we're still not sure what is causing the painfullness in Jessa's skin.

I'm not keeping the results from the bone scan from you-- we haven't gotten them back yet-- Jess or I will post when we get them.

I don't have a funny story to share with you about Bryn, but I do about Jadyn. Tonight she announced at bedtime that she was the "middlest"-- Bryn and Katelyn have no hope of ever claiming that distinction.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Katelyn

We have a string of birthdays in September: my dad turned 49 on the 9th (yes, he's a young'n), Katelyn turned 12 today, Jessa's brother Garett turns 23 tomorrow, and Jess turns 31 one week from today. I think Katelyn must be the most popular girl on the planet because there was a constant stream of phone calls today for her wishing her a happy birthday.

Speaking of popularity, you faithful readers make our family feel like the most loved family in the whole world. It's pretty neat to think that there will be 50,000 hits soon from the year and a half we've had this blog. That translates into a ton of prayers as I know many of you pray specifically for our family based on what you read here.

Jess has been feeling a band of pain from her stomach all the way around to her back. In her words it feels like a bad sun burn, but her skin looks perfectly normal. Dr. Haley is out of the country vactioning in Italy (yes oncologists need a break too), so Jess went to see her regular physician. She hasn't seen Dr. Kobet since 2002 because before the cancer she was one of the healthiest people I know. He thinks it may be a pinched nerve; Jess is having an MRI Wednesday night to get it checked out. Incidentally, that will be the day after her big scan tomorrow. Tomorrow she is getting a bone scan that will tell us the status of her tumors.

Although Bryn hasn't done anything hysterical this week I do have one small story that happened tonight when the girls were supposed to be in bed. I heard voices coming from the Yikes' (younger Kaylor Kids for you new to the blog) room. Jadyn was yelling, "Bryn's out of bed! Bryn's out of bed!" Bryn flung open the door to her room and ran into the living room yelling, "She's lying! She's lying!"

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Almost Labor Day

My sister Sarah gave birth on the 31st to Vannessa Chloe Maxted. I think it would have been funny if Sarah had given birth to Vanessa a week later on labor day, but I'm pretty sure Sarah wouldn't have found being preganant a week longer as funny.

Jessa's hair has come in very curly-- as it is getting longer it the curls are starting to turn into perfect ringlets. Jess met with her student teachers last week. She found out that one of the schools is further than she thought about an hour from her house, but the school is about twenty-five minutes from where Jess gets her cancer treatments so she will head to that school after her treatments. Jess is scheduled for a scan this month. I appreciate you praying for us as a family. God knows what we will need better than we do and loves providing for us, so keep it up!

Last night Bryn's foot touched Jadyn's face while they were laying down next to each other. Jadyn turned to her in disgust and said, "Your foot's gross!" Bryn turned to me and said "Look at my foot, it growed!"