Friday, February 23, 2007

Dr. appt

Today I had an appointment to see Dr. Euhus, my surgeon. I was long overdue to see him as I had missed an appointment back in September. However, when I found out I had some auxiliary nodes light up in the PET scan, I knew I should see him. He is the one who would remove these lymph nodes if necessary.

He was happy to see me and wants me to start seeing him again every three months. He could not feel any node inflammation on a physical exam, but wanted me to have an MRI anyway to see the area more clearly. His nurse got me an appointment right then, so I had the MRI right after seeing the doctor.

I should get a call with the results Tuesday or Wednesday. I should say that Dr. Euhus thought that surgery would not be necessary at this point. Yea! I am glad to see he is both proactive and positive about the scenario.

My dad flew in from Portland this afternoon for a weekend visit. We were all so happy to see him! We have a busy weekend with soccer, basketball, cotillion, and musical rehearsals...but it should be fun.

Take care,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prince Charming

My sister Hope is expecting a baby soon and she and her husband have decided not to find out what they are having. Driving in the car today, Bryn out of the blue said she can’t wait to see Hopie’s baby since she does not know if the baby is a boy or girl. I asked her what she thought the baby was. She said, a girl. I asked Jadyn the same question. Jadyn thought it was a boy.

Then she said she can’t wait to see if he is handsome or not, because if it was, she was going to marry him. After laughing, I said you don’t marry family, but you marry a friend. Jadyn did her best job of rolling her eyes at me and said she knew that…she was going to marry him when they both grew up! Evidently, family is only family until you are grown.

Then Bryn chimed in that, no, you can not marry family, you must marry a prince. She then called out by name all the boys in her class she might one day marry.

I guess calling the girls princess has really sunk in.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Spanish, the new sign language

Okay, sorry for taking so long to post.

First, here is a picture of Jake and Jadyn at the dance Friday at Jake's school. Jadyn said she had a good time. I think one of her favorite parts was eating cookies!

Next, I am feeling okay. I have had what I will call a chemo tummy ache (which is so hard to describe) for the last few days. My tastes are off, and I feel like my stomach is raw or empty. Not hungry by any means, just a little nauseated. However, not too bad at all. The stomach flu has swept through our extended family, so I thought I might have that. Thankfully, I have not! I have a week off chemo this week, so I should be back to normal by the following week.

Okay, moving on to more important matters, my mom and I got a huge laugh today in the car! I love laughing. It makes one feel so much better...I am sure that there have been studies done on this very fact.

Bryn, Jadyn and my nephew Austin were in the back seat playing the quiet game. You know the one. You have just about had it and yell to the back seat, "How about the quiet game!!??" Well, Jadyn was "it" and began her routine of trying to get the others to talk, i.e. lose. She asked Austin if he wanted to go over to his cousin Zander's house to spend the night, trying to elicit a verbal yes. Austin, a seasoned veteran of the game, just shook his head. Jadyn tried again, asking Austin if he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Austin just motioned with his hands to cut it out by crossing his hands in front of his neck.

This is when Bryn yelled to Jadyn, "Wait! I think he is trying to tell us Spanish!!!"

Bryn, as usual, has the ability to make me forget about everything and laugh!

We had a fun and eventful (AZ) day.

Take care,

Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling better with a new hair cut

I am feeling much better today. I have been taking my meds on time and regularly and I know it is helping. I have felt minimal back pain and was able to do all I needed to do today, which was a lot!

On another positive note, today I signed up with a local salon to get a free hair cut with a stylist in training. I actually got a sweet girl, Bec, who had been there for a while, just wanting to upgrade to a new level. She did a great job, even better as I got to walk out without paying for a $40 hair cut and style. Here is my new shorter look:

Jadyn and Jake went to a Valentine dance at the junior high school he teaches at. They were sponsoring a dance and thought the girls would like to go. Bryn, however smashed her fingers in her door late this evening and cried herself to sleep and did not make it :( I know she was exhausted anyway. I will post pictures of Jake and Jadyn from the dance later.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Round 3

Today I had round three of my new chemo, Abraxane. Here is a picture of me getting treatment. It is not my favorite photo, but I will blame it on the poor indoor lighting...right?!

My treatment went well. My mom went with me this time. It was so nice being with her; we were able to work on our BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) together. Mom goes to BSF on Monday nights, I attend Wednesday mornings. My chemo nurse was Pat today. This should mean nothing to you, but to me it is a little more helpful. Pat was Dr. Haley's nurse before Carrie. So, I felt better able to tell Pat some side effects knowing she might have more knowledge than a typical chemo nurse. I told her of my back pain. She was able to get me a new prescription of my pain medicine and have it faxed over to my pharmacy right then. Also, Dr. Haley wants to reassess on March 1st with an appointment with her to go over any more bone/back pain I am experiencing. Lastly, I told Pat about my bleeding problem. I have realized over the last day or so that I do not have nosebleeds per say, I have a lot of blood in my mucus. Pat took note of that, spoke with Dr. Haley and told me to also mention in to the doctor on my next visit. It is a potential side effect, but one they like to know about and observe.

All in all, it was a good day. My pain is less today than yesterday, partly because I started taking my pain meds (which are taken as needed). I will try taking it regularly for a few days to see what happens. Thanks for your concern, and I will let you know of any changes.

On another note, the girls received Baby Alive dolls for Valentines Day. They are enamored by the dolls. Jadyn even woke up today saying she was dreaming about her Baby Alive. In case you do not know, Baby Alive actually eats, talks, wets, poops, plays, and I am just surmising here...requires a college education! So far, we have fed the dolls at least 5 times, each time requiring a new diaper change after announcing "Oh-Oh, I'm stinky!" Nevertheless, Jadyn and Bryn LOVE taking care of the dolls. Jadyn was concerned this morning when her baby was not sleeping enough, while Bryn went and checked on her doll who was sleeping snuggly in bed, at least 5 times to make sure she was still sleeping. There are now 5 kids at the Kaylor house, new additions being "Kara" and "Baby Lu". I have now put a "diaper limit" on the dolls at one per day. I do not care to buy too many more doll diapers. I just finished that with the real version and I am quite happy with the savings from that accomplishment! I wonder if there is anything else the Kaylor household can cut back to one per day. I am thinking about family emergencies, and crying kiddos for starters. It could go something like this "Sorry Jadyn, Bryn already cried once today, I will have to fit you in tomorrow." :)

Love to you all,

Happy Valentines Day from the Kaylor girls!

We love our family and friends!
Take care,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all. Katelyn and Jadyn both had their valentine parties today; Bryn's was yesterday. They all came home with lots of candy, cards, and trinkets. Most of the candy is, not surprisingly, gone!

Katelyn's party was a bingo party. They played bingo with prizes parents donated. Katelyn was one of the winners, so she thought the party was a success!

I had a hard day today physically. I was in quite a bit of back pain, too much to bear until I got the right medicine. I will ask the doctor tomorrow if this is okay. I know that the chemo is doing its job. Hopefully, soon, I will not have too many more days like today.

I am going to post some Valentine pictures soon, but for today I will post some more fairly recent pictures from my iSight computer camera now that I have figured out how easy it is to do.


Monday, February 12, 2007

2nd round is going fine

Hi all. We have had a fun/busy weekend. I have felt good the last few days after my 2nd chemo round. I have to even remind myself I am in treatment. I found out that I do not need the red/white blood cell boosting shot at this point in my regimen. My counts have been good, and they (doctors) seem pleased. I am having some back/bone pain, but have been able to do most of my normal routine. Round three is Thursday and then I am off for a week. In between that time, I will go me another doctor, my surgeon Dr. Euhus, to get his opinion of how things are going and just get this amazing man's input. He is so wise, and yet can explain things so simply that I love going to see him!

I and another mom took Katelyn and several of her friends to see "The High School Musical" Friday night at a local high school. Katelyn's 6th grade class is performing the same musical in just a few weeks. It was fun to see the whole play and not the bits and pieces we see in rehearsal. We are all looking forward to the big show.

Saturday, my wonderful family spread out the three girls so that Jake and I could go to a marriage event at our church. It was an all day conference put on by Gary Chapman who wrote the book, The Five Love Languages. Jake and I both learned a lot of strategies, and it was also nice to spend the day with him. We did not know if we would be able to go out for Valentine's Day, so we took the opportunity to go to lunch at a fun restaurant called the Candlelight Inn. It has booths that kind of close up, with dark lighting and candles. It also had a small jukebox at each booth and I took a chance and tried it, and it worked! It was a fun date. I realized that I do not post many pictures of the two of us, so with the help f my new camera's iSight, here we go...

Jadyn and Bryn have been in rare form lately. Tonight, Jadyn obviously wanted some time alone and Bryn wanted to be attached at her hip. Bryn came running to us crying. She told us that Jadyn was making something and wouldn't let her see. I asked Jadyn what she was doing and she explained after some hesitation that she was making a picture for Bryn...for Christmas! ...and did not want Bryn to see! Here at the Kaylor house, we plan out our gifts months in advance. For example, I am sure Jake had my Valentine gift planned back in August.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

A good appointment

Hi all. I had an uneventful trip to the chemo clinic today, which is a very good thing. I took an infusion of Abraxane and the second round seemed to go much like the first, only a bit shorter. We'll see how it goes. I think side effects are supposed to cumulate, but I am hopeful they will not in my case. My sister, Hope went with me and we had a great time laughing and catching up. It is always good to be with her.

Hope got to witness Bryn being extremely strong willed with me this morning as we were getting ready to go. Bryn wanted to wear a new pair of jeans someone had passed down to her and Jadyn. The moment I read that the size was 5 "Slim", I knew I should have put them up. However, she saw them too fast and fell in love with the glittery pink belt and flower appliques. She laid them out last night to wear today and anxiously got them out this morning. When we put them on, they snapped, but were very tight. I did not think she could sit up in them. I asked her to sit down "criss cross applesauce" like her teacher asks her to sit all throughout the day. She sat down, but leaned way back so her belly was straight, and not over in a sitting position. I told her to sit up, knowing they were too tight, but wanted her to realize this on her own. She refused, saying she was just fine. Well, needless to say, I had to pry them off of her and thus began a 15 minute battle of the clothes (and wills). Finally, new clothes were on, tears were wiped, and we were off to school/chemo... I try to pick my battles with Bryn. Unfortunately, this one was one I had to pick. My next parenting step will be to learn to better anticipate problems like this and hide things, OFTEN!

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Hi there! Well, you might have thought that because I failed to post yesterday, I had a bad day, but...I did NOT! I was just fine. I had a busy day at the Wood Talent Show ALL day long. But I was feeling tired only from doing hair, adjusting costumes, standing in line for a good seat, sitting for hours in a cramped cafeteria (times two performances) and then meeting 20 6th graders and their moms in an already crowded restaurant! No, I was not feeling tired from treatment. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I woke up with dreaded anticipation that I would feel sick to my stomach, but once I woke up to daily activities, I realized this might not be so bad after all!

I have a normal week coming up and then chemo again on Thursday. I know the treatments are supposed to cumulate for three weeks, until I get a week off. However, this has been so manageable. That, and I know I have so many people praying boldy for no side-effects and I serve an awesome God!

Thanks for thinking of me these past few days. I have been so encouraged by your coming up to me, your emails and phone calls checking in seeing how I am doing. I have felt lifted up by my precious friends and family.

I so wish I could show you a blooper reel of my sweet aunt Sandy as she provided hours of fun and laughter during the talent show in between acts. From the best of my memory, she was Marilyn Monroe, a basketball coach, a grouchy administrator, a robber, a TV dance show host, a cheerleader, and on and on...Her costumes alone exhausted me just looking at them hanging up in her dressing room. She, and so many others, made this weekend so much fun for all of us. It was Katelyn's last talent show at Wood, and she had a blast.

Here are two pictures I have so far: one is Katelyn acting goofy with one of her friends. The other is Katelyn with PoPo (my mom's dad). My Grandpa has sat through I am sure hundreds of performances for his 7 children through the years, yet he and my Grandma come out each year, and wait in line for over an hour (for each act!) and come see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Day two

Hi there!
Well, day two is here, and I feel great. (I always think of day one being the chemo day itself) No pains, no nausea, and no tiredness! This is my kind of chemo. My lovely friends and family have reminded me that it was usually day three that was hard, but I think day three will be fine too. Besides, I am too busy this weekend to be sick. On second thought, if I were sick, Jake would have to...

Katelyn is the her school's talent show which is, as are all things at Wood Elementary, BIG. Also, she is in 6th grade, and 6th graders do a lot for the talent show as they are the top dogs at school. We have been filling out dozens of papers for next year's trek into Junior High. And I think each of those papers comes with a check! Whoever says public school is much cheaper than private has not had to go through talent show costumes, musical costumes, athletic uniforms, and fees, fees, fees...(It's really not that bad, just this time of year I guess:)

Jadyn will be at Wood in kindergarten next year and I am hoping by that time I will be getting her to school on time (since I want to be a good example for my lovely principal Aunt Sandy, and because Jadyn hates being late to school). Before writing this blog, I was rushing to drop Jadyn off to school for her right-in-the-middle-of-the-day start time of 12:15. The Kaylor start time is typically 12:25. Yikes!!

I guess school is on the brain now as we are racking our brains trying to pick a school for Bryn. I wonder if I should be feeling lucky right now that I have so many choices. But, often that is the hardest thing! There are two distinctly different restaurants in town that I think exemplify my point: The Cheesecake Factory and Jo T. Garcia's. The Cheesecake Factory has a book for menu. Literally, it is a glossy spiral bound magazine. Page after page are selections and descriptions of various food and drink options. Without too much exaggeration, I would say the page totals around 25. Jo. T's is a Mexican restaurant that has no menu and two choices: enchiladas or fajitas. Here, the selection for pre-k is about like The Cheesecake Factory, and I need someone to tell me, here are your two options, no menu available! We'll make it, it will just take some time. Unfortunately, that time is coming up quickly! We'll keep you posted.

I will be sure to post pictures of the talent show tomorrow.
Take care,

Thursday, February 1, 2007

New treatment today

This is a picture of the sculpture that awaits me every time I go to treatment. It is beautiful and reaches to the tall ceiling. It is a nice beginning to my day. However, my official beginning is when I am greeted my the valet service. The greeters there are so friendly and welcome me like a friend of the family. They remember me and treat me so nicely. I thought I would take pictures of my chemo experience for you. Since I forgot (and I can't really claim chemo-brain as I was forgetful before) I will post a picture from the website for now. I will try to remember to take pictures next week.

Chemo today was fine. I so enjoyed time with my mom who accompanied me this time. It was the first time for me to take this particular chemo (Abraxane) so we were met with a slew of different people explaining the drug and its potential side effects. Dr.Haley really downplayed the side effects, so I got a lot more information today. I am actually fine (and better off mentally) to know the side effects up front. I am, of course, praying that I do not get any of them. But, at least I won't be shocked one day with "My hair is falling out!!!"

Today took about 3 hours from start to finish. I think next week should be even shorter. I do not have to go back for a white or red blood cell booster for now at least. I thought that was the original plan from Dr. Haley last week, however the chemo nurses' did not have an order. I asked a few times with no great results, so I guess I will wait until I see her again to clarify. My counts were fine today and I am in no hurry to rush out to Dallas two days in a row.

My grandma was able to watch Jadyn and take her to school, which she loved. Bryn had school today and it was western day.

A few days ago it snowed and I have not been able to figure out how to post on my new computer. So here is our pathetic, but fabulous snow.

Jadyn and Bryn made a snowman. The snow was so powder-y that it was hard for the girls to gather the snow. I had to have Jadyn point at the snowman so I could see it in my camera's viewfinder! Bryn, upon seeing the snow in the morning, proclaimed "It's Christmas!" Yes, in her mind, Christmas had finally arrived at the Kaylor house! Thank goodness. Now, we can put up all the decorations!

I will try to be better at posting in the coming days. Thank you all for your prayers during this new (successful!) treatment.

We love you all,