Monday, February 19, 2007

Spanish, the new sign language

Okay, sorry for taking so long to post.

First, here is a picture of Jake and Jadyn at the dance Friday at Jake's school. Jadyn said she had a good time. I think one of her favorite parts was eating cookies!

Next, I am feeling okay. I have had what I will call a chemo tummy ache (which is so hard to describe) for the last few days. My tastes are off, and I feel like my stomach is raw or empty. Not hungry by any means, just a little nauseated. However, not too bad at all. The stomach flu has swept through our extended family, so I thought I might have that. Thankfully, I have not! I have a week off chemo this week, so I should be back to normal by the following week.

Okay, moving on to more important matters, my mom and I got a huge laugh today in the car! I love laughing. It makes one feel so much better...I am sure that there have been studies done on this very fact.

Bryn, Jadyn and my nephew Austin were in the back seat playing the quiet game. You know the one. You have just about had it and yell to the back seat, "How about the quiet game!!??" Well, Jadyn was "it" and began her routine of trying to get the others to talk, i.e. lose. She asked Austin if he wanted to go over to his cousin Zander's house to spend the night, trying to elicit a verbal yes. Austin, a seasoned veteran of the game, just shook his head. Jadyn tried again, asking Austin if he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Austin just motioned with his hands to cut it out by crossing his hands in front of his neck.

This is when Bryn yelled to Jadyn, "Wait! I think he is trying to tell us Spanish!!!"

Bryn, as usual, has the ability to make me forget about everything and laugh!

We had a fun and eventful (AZ) day.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I love the Spanish sign language...and your new haircut looks great!! Hugs, Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

Eventful? LOL! We'll do anything for a free game of bowling!

I love laughing and hanging out too - especially when it is with my AMIGAS! -az

Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY! I wish you could record your laugh to let everyone hear it - it is priceless, and very contagious!

The boys are off this week - winter break.

Hope you feel better soon.
Love to all,