Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling better with a new hair cut

I am feeling much better today. I have been taking my meds on time and regularly and I know it is helping. I have felt minimal back pain and was able to do all I needed to do today, which was a lot!

On another positive note, today I signed up with a local salon to get a free hair cut with a stylist in training. I actually got a sweet girl, Bec, who had been there for a while, just wanting to upgrade to a new level. She did a great job, even better as I got to walk out without paying for a $40 hair cut and style. Here is my new shorter look:

Jadyn and Jake went to a Valentine dance at the junior high school he teaches at. They were sponsoring a dance and thought the girls would like to go. Bryn, however smashed her fingers in her door late this evening and cried herself to sleep and did not make it :( I know she was exhausted anyway. I will post pictures of Jake and Jadyn from the dance later.

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the new hairdo!


Anonymous said...


If you need a boy, as in a human boy, we could send Hugo down your way for a week, perhaps a month?!


Amy said...

Very cute hair! And we are thrilled that you are feeling good. God is so faithful.
Amy, Erik, and Luke