Sunday, February 4, 2007


Hi there! Well, you might have thought that because I failed to post yesterday, I had a bad day, but...I did NOT! I was just fine. I had a busy day at the Wood Talent Show ALL day long. But I was feeling tired only from doing hair, adjusting costumes, standing in line for a good seat, sitting for hours in a cramped cafeteria (times two performances) and then meeting 20 6th graders and their moms in an already crowded restaurant! No, I was not feeling tired from treatment. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings I woke up with dreaded anticipation that I would feel sick to my stomach, but once I woke up to daily activities, I realized this might not be so bad after all!

I have a normal week coming up and then chemo again on Thursday. I know the treatments are supposed to cumulate for three weeks, until I get a week off. However, this has been so manageable. That, and I know I have so many people praying boldy for no side-effects and I serve an awesome God!

Thanks for thinking of me these past few days. I have been so encouraged by your coming up to me, your emails and phone calls checking in seeing how I am doing. I have felt lifted up by my precious friends and family.

I so wish I could show you a blooper reel of my sweet aunt Sandy as she provided hours of fun and laughter during the talent show in between acts. From the best of my memory, she was Marilyn Monroe, a basketball coach, a grouchy administrator, a robber, a TV dance show host, a cheerleader, and on and on...Her costumes alone exhausted me just looking at them hanging up in her dressing room. She, and so many others, made this weekend so much fun for all of us. It was Katelyn's last talent show at Wood, and she had a blast.

Here are two pictures I have so far: one is Katelyn acting goofy with one of her friends. The other is Katelyn with PoPo (my mom's dad). My Grandpa has sat through I am sure hundreds of performances for his 7 children through the years, yet he and my Grandma come out each year, and wait in line for over an hour (for each act!) and come see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I am so blessed to have them in my life.


Anonymous said...

Blessings and thanks for the update and photos...I'm sure the performance was spectacular!!! Love, Lynne

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! no being sick so far. So glad for you, Jessica.

Still praying,

Anita and family

Anonymous said...

What great new Jessica. God is so good! I am glad you are feeling good. I love the pictures.

Prince Jeremy Ryan Butler said...

I am praying for you Jess. You know that you guys mean a lot to me, the whole family. I am always here for you guys, especially if you need a babysitter. Oh yea by the way, I really want to go to pro wrestling school. I don't know why. Whoooooooooooo! To be the man, you have to beat the man! Whooooooo! Oh yea Jess, I still want you to be my royal cook since I am the Prince of this great country of Ahomalko, even though it only has about 3.5 millin people.