Monday, May 30, 2005


There were a number of serious medical problems that Jess could have been experiencing yesterday. Among them fluid on the lungs, a heart attack, and internal bleeding. After these were ruled out, the wonderful E.R. doctor (Dr. Nelson) diagnosed her with severe acid reflux. Since acid reflux has the same symptoms as more serious problems, a number of people who think they are suffering from acid reflux are really having a heart attack and consequently do not recieve treatment in time. I am so glad that it was reversed in Jessica's case. During the CT scan yesterday some of the tracer leaked into her arm causing her arm to swell up. Her arm is still swollen today but getting better. She has been keeping ice on her arm and taking Protonix for her reflux. She has also been getting the rest she needs, hibernating bears would be jealous. She has, however, somehow been able to keep tabs on what is going on. For example at one point while she was sleeping two family members were talking about what they wanted Jess to do at which point Jessa's eye lids fluttered open and she said I am NOT going to do that. I am amazed at how strong my wife is when she is weak.

One last thing. Yesterday I felt like God was forwarding my prayers to people. The best example of this is when I really just wanted to complain but without hurting anybody's feelings. Too often yesterday I was frustrated at someone but it had more to do with me than them. Right then the phone rang and I was able to let all my frustrations on someone who didn't mind.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

She's coming home!

I just heard from the group and they are on their way home with Jessa! The CT scan and the x-ray of the lungs came back clear.......just what we were praying for! God is good!

She definitely does not feel like running a marathon, she is groggy from the pain medicine, she still feels out of sorts BUT the doctor said that when he compares today's CT scan with Jessa's previous one, there is great room for hope. Her doctor today was an awesome Christian man, he definitely knows all about hope and he has now added Jessa to his prayer list!

Thank you, Overman's for getting up at the crack of dawn and asking your family in Europe to start praying. They were answered!

Happy, happy Sunday,
Aunt Sandy


This actual post is coming from "Aunt Sandy". The first thing out of Bryn's mouth this morning as I lifted her out of bed was, "Poopy Diaper". I thought immediately that if changing a poopy diaper is the biggest stink in my life today, I will enjoy every sniff!

Jake called from the hospital and asked me to update the BLOG as he was in a bit of a state this morning when he blogged-on after receiving news about Jessica. Jessa has been staying with her grandparents for a few days after chemo so that she would have a little time to recuperate. She woke up early this morning feeling pretty yucky everywhere as well as had shortness of breath. After a few phone calls to her doctor, the decision was made to take Jessa to St. Paul's to be assessed. As of this posting there is great news and news that we haven't received yet! The lung e-xray was clear, she is breathing much easier with the help of a little oxygen and they are going to do a CT scan to rule out any blood clots around her lungs before admitting her to Zale Lipshy. We will keep you thoroughly updated as I believe a dozen of our family members have decended on St. Pauls. (Betty, Judy, Mike, Bob, Jake........and I'm sure more to come!)

We are so thankful that all who see this posting immediately go to Jesus in prayer for Jess. We have all awakened Heaven this morning!! The Kaylor's continue to stand on Jesus' promises-everyone of them!
Hebrews 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with faith and confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in all times!
Ephesians 2:8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from ourselves, it is the gift of God!

We are now on poopy diaper #2, Katelyn is going to the show with one of her best friends, and Jadyn can't understand why Aunt Sandy won't add sugar to the already sweetened applesauce. Life is fine at the Kaylor home-----send your prayers of complete healing for our precious Jess.

Aunt Sandy

Urgent News

Jessica is being taken to St. Paul in Dallas because of shortness of breath. We don't know what's going on yet, but I'll let you know more when we find out.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Glad to be back on chemo (really)

At the benefit dinner Wednesday night over and over again people told us how much they loved us and one person in particular really stands out. Her name is Barbara Stidman. She has been a big comfort to us ever since Jadyn Rose went through the worst of her treatments for her developmental hip dysplasia (i.e. traction 22 hours a day). She understands first hand how it is to allow your child to suffer so she can be whole. It is for this reason I think that she loves Jadyn so much, and Jadyn loves her (and her husband Roscoe) back with her whole heart. When Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer, she began taking every opportunity she saw us to love on us. As for me, when the news was still fresh and I wanted to be left completely alone and be completely surrounded by loving people at the same time she knew completely how to respond to me. With understanding in her eyes, she told me that I didn’t have to say anything and gave me a big hug. It is Barbara that put “wheels” to our beloved pastor’s suggestion to have another dinner for us. For me the highlight of the night was meeting the husband and wife team from Colter’s that donated the food for the event (and I might add that he served meat and she served cobbler). We couldn’t visit long (there were hungry people wanting desert), but I was very impressed by these two high quality individuals.

Thursday was the last day of school for me (yep Texas schools end in May not June and start back in August not September if you’re reading this and you live in another state). I love my kids this year immensely, but it has been a stressful year for me and I was very relieved to be finished. I’m going to miss teachers like Karen Lawson who had her students sign a card for me every week. People say that the benefit dinner at Martin really brought the community together; I know it sure has brought our school together. There is something amazing in forgetting about your own problems and turning to help someone else. At one point during the dinner I saw one of the biggest advocates for the dinner, my principal, walk by carrying a mop. I have always been impressed by servant leadership. For me mopping up a mess is a bigger accomplishment than winning a prestigious award.

One thing our family has learned is how much people need when they are going through something like this. What I mean is we have prayed for people that our going through problems, visited them, brought meals to them but that’s it. People have shown us how to minister to others. We are prayed for every minute of the day. Our grass is cut. Our kids are fed, cared for, loved on. When I am ready to give up, someone is there for me. When Jessa’s world is falling apart there are people holding it together. It is a lot easier to do a little something for someone, but a lot harder to really love them. My wife and I share the same opinion that we are not as special as the way people have been treating us. If we are extraordinary, it is because of how we have been loved beyond what we deserve. It is other people that have shown us how to have joy even when you’re crying, how to have peace when your soul is in turmoil, and how to love when you are in need yourself.

Last night as I was looking at my wife without her make-up and thinned out hair I thought about how beautiful she looked.

Today Jess went to chemo for the third time. We were both eager to start back after Jess not being able to have it last week. There was good news. For starters the infection around her port is gone! (which is amazing because it was starting to come back this week) The tumor underneath her arm is gone. The one in her breast has shrunk another cubic centimeter. We will know about the status of the other ones that cannot be felt in about 2 and half weeks when Jess has her 2nd PET scan combined with her 2nd CAT scan. Perhaps the best bit of good news is that I no longer have to give my wife shots. She was starting to get little "bruise constellations" on her stomach including one rather large "sun" and we both were hating it. Today, we were at UT-Southwestern (specifically the Seay building) a full day, but the chemo drip took only four hours and Jess was able to sleep for at least two of those. We are trying yet another nausea drug this time—we want to find the perfect one for Jess. I think this one is called something like “Zophran.” If you are praying for us, pray that Jess is able to get the rest she needs these next few days. Please pray (and I am not making this up) that I am not a jerk. I am really stressed out right now, I can’t sleep, and even though those are things I can’t control, I need to be the man God has called me to be.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Katelyn showing us a new way to play t-ball Posted by Hello
Jessa and Jadyn Posted by Hello
Jessica and Bryn, our youngest Posted by Hello

A Hug in the Mail

Yesterday we got a package in the mail from my Aunt Suzanne, but didn't get a chance to open it until today. My Great Grandma B. used to send us crazy stuff in the mail. Ads from newspapers, cracker jack prizes, towels from hotels, you name it. My aunt used to get these packages too from Grandma Buchanon, and she felt like it was getting a big hug in the mail. In the spirit of our relative that has since passed away, my aunt mailed us a package with all sorts of stuff in it. She's not as crazy, but we enjoyed her package just as much.

Yesterday night, Jess and I got to go out on a date. It is awesome being able to spend time with her when she is feeling good and we don't have to worry about anything for a little bit.

Today was a little crazy at school-- they are restless as a husband staying awake worrying about his wife. It was a little crazy at home too-- Jessa was definitely stressed. Katelyn wasn't feeling so good, and the Yikes were taking out lots of stuff but nor putting it away. As I was putting down our girls to sleep after a long day; Bryn kept saying the same thing except I couldn't hear her because she had her pacifier in her mouth. I lean over, exasperated, and tell her to take her pacy out. The only thing she wanted to say was " I wuv you" (she can't say her "L's" yet). I think it is moments like those when God gives me the rest he promises.

The last thing I would like to say is if there are any Wood teachers reading this who helped out at the benefit dinner thank you so much for volunteering your time last Thursday night. I find it simply amazing that you found time to help out during possibly the most busy and stressful time of the school year.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Two days left

It is a huge relief to have only two days left of school. Normally at this point in the year I already have everything finished as far as it goes for exams, grades, and getting my room set for summer, but it has not been a good couple of weeks for getting stuff done at school. I am so glad (once I get done the zillion things I neef to get done) that this is going to be relatively calm week at home and that Jess's chemo is not until the day after my last day of school.

Last Friday was incredible because Jess was lying on the operating table all prepped for surgery to take the port out (a bad thing) when he felt around the port and coudn't feel an infection. She got to keep her port in. Keep praying for the infection to dissipate though because it seemed to be flaring up again this morning. This Wednesday we are having the final benefit dinner at Lake Arlington Baptist Church at 5:30. I have been very proud of Jessica because although she is extremely shy and doesn't like being the center of attention, she has been both cheerful and brave at the last two. The most amazing thing for me has been that we have not asked anyone for help; everyone has asked us if it would be alright if they helped us.

One last thing, Jess went to the store yesterday and came back with Breast Cancer Toulet Paper. My guess is the reason they partnered with the Susan Koman Foundation is that they want to wipe out breast cancer (you can go ahead and groan now).

Friday, May 20, 2005

Unexpected good news

Well, I went into Dallas this morning fully expecting to have an infected port removed. However, as usually happens just when you see the doctor, my symptoms were markedly less.

I am sure you many of you mothers have shared this similar experience with me: my child seems to be tugging at her ear while screaming; I call the doctor and insist to the nurse that my child be squeezed in at her earliest convience; I then make it to the doctor only to have my child sit beautifully in the office while the doctor can't find a thing wrong with her ears...

Well the surgeon couldn't find a thing wrong with my port! He said we can talk later if it swells up again, but we were going to leave well enough alone. Huge praise! It was going to be quite a hastle to have it out/put back in, etc... so I am very grateful for this unexpeced blessing.

Another good thing was that they scheduled my next chemo round for Friday the 27th. A whole week away! I am looking forward to a good, calm week before treatment!

While I was in the office, and my doctors conferred, they decided I needed another core biospy to clear up an decsrepancy with the earlier biopsy. It will affect my treatment options in the future, so please be in prayer that they would get a consistent and clear result with this test.

Thank you all!

Smile muscles under attack

We had such a beautiful evening last night that even this morning, my smile muscles still hurt from smiling and laughing! Our family attended a benefit last night in our honor at Katelyn’s school, Wood Elementary. I know I am biased because we go to Wood, and my wonderful Aunt Sandy is the principal, but there is something so different and special about Wood. It is the people. The people who surround me with care and love and support, and who would do just about anything for me. You all inspire me to be the type of person I want to become.

The event was so beautiful and personal, fun and uplifting, with good food and great people, a super band, and an awesome raffle.

I was so very touched to see so many of you there. I am continually amazed at God’s provision. I stand in awe at how so many of you come up to me and offer help. I know the girls would all have a place to go and play each day of the summer if I took each of you up on your offers! The amazing thing is, I know that I could call and, you would help. You are not just trying to be nice and helpful. You are nice and helpful.

Lately, I’ve tried to take in moments that become like snapshots in my head; I have new ones from last night:

  • My aunt Sandy sharing our story up on the Wood stage
  • Watching Jadyn and her cousin Kaylee holding hands and swinging there arms all around the cafeteria.
  • Seeing Jadyn and Bryn dancing with the music
  • Looking out and seeing so many of Katelyn’s past (and future) teachers lovingly working for this event.
  • And so many more… it was a wonderful evening.

Thank you Donna for organizing it all…

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bad News and More Bad News

Jess went for a check-up to see how she was doing, and it was not good. First of all the Lovenox and cuematin are working, but Jess still needs the Lovenox shot. We're down to one, and we're having difficulty getting the next round of them. The worst news is that Jessa's infection has flared up around the port and they will consequently have to take it out on Friday. She'll have to get another port put in a different place but we don't know the details yet. Jess won't be able to lift the girls again for a few weeks because of those two surgeries. Because of the infection, she will not be able to take chemo this week (she'll do instead next week). The bright side of this is that next week is my last week of school.

Here is the rest of the prayer calendar as promised:
5/17 Pray for Jessica to be saved by the Lord's hand Is 59:1 5/18 for anti-nausea drugs to be effective Matt 9:35 5/20 Pray they would rest in the Lord Ps 37:3-7a 5/21 Pray the Lord would ggive Jessica strength 5/22 Pray for Joy Is 55:12 5/23 Pray that God would be their rear guard ans satisfy Is 58:8-11 5/24 Pray they would know the Lord is near 5/25 Pray they would be anxious for nothing Phil 4:6-8 5/26 Pray they would cry out to the Lord and be healed Ps 107:19-20 5/27 Pray they would trust God's plans Jer 29:11-14a 5/28 Pray they would know Jesus better 5/29 Pray for protection from the evil one II Thes 3:3 5/30 Pray for good sleep and rest Prov 3:24 5/31 Pray their faith would be enlarged II Thes 1:3

Monday, May 16, 2005


As I looked in the shot box and saw four more left; I am extemely thankful that I got Jess back early-- I could have been getting her back tomorrow. I am also very thankful that Jess was able to go to Jadyn's first t-ball game ever and she will be able to go her cousin's graduation tonight. Jadyn did so well yesterday (she was able to hit the ball despite having on a helmet that was too big and chased after every ball if it was anywhere near her). Even though Mandy is Jessa's cousin she feels very much like mine too. I am very excited that she just got a job at an elementary school in my cluster (Little Elementary). And yes, all of our family are teachers.

Two other items of note: I am sorry that I have not put the prayer calendar on here for May (I'll put it on tomorrow as soon as I can put into the right formatting) and Jess pointed out that in addition to those things I mentioned yesterday, she also has breast cancer soap and breast cancer Kleenex.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's the new orange

Jessa goes through phases where all she'll wear is green or black or blue... Previously, the hot color was orange, but now it's pink. It started with a pink purse and has since spread to shoes, shirts, pants... You probably know that pink is the color of the ribbons for breast cancer, but have you noticed the number of things you can now buy with a breast cancer theme? Jess has breast cancer hats, socks, shoes, necklaces and (I am not making this up) a breast cancer plant. Lots of our family and friends wear breast cancer bracelets now ( I do too). One of the coolest things is all the girls in Jessica's family (and she has a BIG family) wear a necklace with a silver breast cancer ribbon on it (they are going to make a charm bracelet from them when Jess is cured). Breast cancer permeates our lives.

This morning when Jess was trying on a wig, Bryn (our youngest daughter) spoke up and said that she wanted to take off her hair too. Even though she is only two, she is the funniest person I know. She loves to imitate people. One time I yelled at the Yikes to "Stop it right now." Jadyn looked scared that she was in trouble, but Bryn turned right around, imitated my posture exactly and said in her best daddy voice "Stop it right now!"

There is a benefit dinner coming up for us at Wood Elementary (where Katelyn is a student and Aunt Sandy is the principal) this Thursday. They have gone all out in preparing for it. For Jess, God has been impressing on her heart that it's not about the cancer it's about the journey. They are calling the dinner "A Journey with Jessica" and will be giving everyone a bracelet with that same slogan. To top it all off Macaroni Grill is donating the food.

Her next chemo treatment is on Thursday. I have been telling people that it is round 3, but really since she gets a triple dose it's like getting round seven, eight, and nine. She really is very brave and that includes the first day I gave her her shot (I was just kidding about what I said earlier; she barely cried and the fingernail marks on my arm are starting to fade). Did I mention that it's a big needle and it's most effective when given in the stomach? I now tell Jess to wiggle her toes so she doesn't have to think about it and she hasn't gotten another bruise, to match the ones she got in the hospital, the last two times.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I shot my wife

Last night I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I think it was a combination of being excited about Jess being home, being used to sleeping an empty bed, and not thinking about the cancer more whereas before I am thinking a lot about Jessa being stuck in the hospital. I went to bed about 10 PM but fell asleep a little before 3 AM. On a positive note the girls were exstatic to see Jessica. All three of them started right away on filling up on the "mommy time" they have been missing.

Jessica's sister, Hope, is a nursing student who gave Jessica's lovenox shot this morning. However, Hope is leaving for the weekend and so guess who got to give her shot tonight. Now, in Jessica's defense she has been extremely brave through all of the previous trials and tribulations she has faced. However tonight she had more drama than a daytime soap opera. You would have thought I was about to do brain surgery. And yes she did survive.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm home!

Well, thanks to a prayerful group and a wonderful nurse/case manager at the hospital, I was able to go home this evening! It is great to be home. I have received dozens of hugs and kisses from the girls and I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, eating real food, and getting some uninterrupted sleep, to say the least.

Amy, my case manager, tried one more time to convince a reasonable insurance claims manager at my insurance company to pay for the shots outside the hospital, and it worked! This is great news, especaily since I am still at a 1 blood level and it could have taken many more days to properly regulate it. Please continue to pray for this clot that it would dissenegrate while the Coumidin does its job of thinning my blood, and that the port infection would continue to go away with oral antibiotics.

There is no interruption in my scheduled chemo, round 3, next Thursday.

God is good all the time.
...all the time God is good!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Live, breaking news

I feel like I am reporting live from the scene of the hospital nurses station...

I have found one benefit to staying at the hospital for so long, I am learning this hospital inside and out! For example, when I came into the hospital, I was stuck in my room, watching CNN, attached to an IV and eating just what they gave me.

Now, I can discovered I can "order" practically whatever food I want, I have a VCR I can watch movies from, I can wander the halls to see beautiful downtown views, I can go down to the 4th floor outdoor atrium, I can ask for a diet coke with good (Sonic-esque)ice anytime I want, I can get my IV taken out by asking nicely since I am off my IV meds, and now I can use the nurses computer to check my email and write to you!!

Now if I could just get a suite for my husband and girls, I just might enjoy my stay a little longer! That and getting a "Do not distrub" sign for the door and I would be set!

But really, I am feeling good, resting up, but ready to get going. Pray now for my body to quickly react to the Cumoden (sp?) pill. My blood needs to be between a level 2-3 for the doctors to feel comfortable discontinuing the Lovinex shot which works to thin my blood to prevent futher clotting. Normal blood is a 1, and it takes 5+ days for the Cumoden to work. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, phone calls, and also, thanks to all of you who are for taking care of my husband and children in my (long) absence! You are all much appreciated!

Well Rested

After I got the kids situated last night(thank you my mother-in-love and also Shelly and Lisa), I went to see Jessa. I had taped Katelyn's choir concert on Monday night that Jess missed, and so we were able to watch that together. Katelyn kept making faces at people she wasn't singing and I got close-ups on most of those. It was great to hear Jessa rolling with laughter. Katelyn sang great. It's the closest thing we'll get to a movie date for awhile. We went on a walk together to the visitors lounge and got a spectacular view of downtown Dallas. It was really nice to forget about our troubles for a little while. Today, at lunch I talked to Jess again and it seems that the insurance company is adamant about not covering the shots. If you'd like to cheer her up with a visit(she might stay throught the weekend), go East on I-20, N on 67 (which turns into I-35) exit Market Center and turn right, stay in the left lane so you'll be going in the right direction when it merges with Harry Hines. When you see Parkland hospital, park because Zale Lipshy is right next to it and Parkland is much more noticeable. Jessica's infection around the port is getting better although there is still a possibility it might be taken out. It could be months before the blood clot goes away, but the medicines are neutralizing any threat of harm. Jess is definitely feeling well-rested and is back to a normal energy level, and the doctors told her that she can do any lifting or physical activity now (I told her she should watch one of those exercise shows, but the idea of doing aerobics in a hospital gown doesn't appeal to her).

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Jess got the OK from the doctors to come home, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. It seems that insurance covers the blood thinner shot in the hospital because its covered under the hospital benefit, but the shot is one of the medicines not covered under the pharmacy plan. This means she has to stay in the hospital so that she can get the shot she needs-- at the earliest that would be Thursday. We are trying to get a waiver from the insurance since they are actually costing themselves more money than if they simply decided to cover the shot. Although Jess and I are going to get through this together, I feel like screaming and crying at the same time.

Monday, May 9, 2005

Hopeful About Tomorrow

When I talked to Jess at lunch today she said that there is a very good chance of her coming home tomorrow. Her temperature has been normal all day today, and if it is normal tomorow she will get to come home! She will still have the blood clot in her arm when she gets back, but the doctors say that her body will naturally take care of it aided by the blood thiners she will be taking. On a completely different note I added a counter to the web site last night and was amazed to see that almost 200 people have seen it since then. Thank you for caring about my wife.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mother's Day

When I told Jadyn that we were going to see mommy she said, "I'm going to give her a big hug" and that is exactly what she and her sisters did. They have really missed her as this is the first time they have seen her since she went into the hospital. I meant to stay just an hour as Jess really needs her rest, but we ended staying thirty minutes longer. It was really hard leaving, knowing it was the right thing to do, but also knowing it's not just the kids who miss her. Jess is spending tomorrow at Zale too. A big praise is that her fever is down. Keep praying that she is able to keep the port in. Katelyn is spending the night at her grandparents which I am hoping will take her mind off Jess. I kept her here yesterday and she was a big help with Jadyn and Bryn, but then she turned into a toot, mostly because she misses her momma so much. Jadyn and Bryn are here tonight (in fact they are both already asleep), but they will spend tomorrow with Janet (thank you if you are reading this Janet-- the girls and I love you) while I am at work. Jess throughout this whole thing has been very positive and kept up her spirits (I know how hard today must have been for her)-- she is an amazing woman who is not a quitter.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Weekend Adventure

It looks like Jess is going to spend the weekend at Zale, including Mother's Day:( Jess is running a slight fever from the infection, and they will not let her leave until her temperature is back to normal. Please pray that the infection is not in her port. If it's around the port, that's fine, but if it's in the port they will have to take the port out. Jess was really looking forward to a Mother's Day brunch at church this morning, so her mom, aunts, etc. are surprising her by bringing brunch to her.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Jess at Zale (updated)

When Jess woke up this morning she felt some tenderness around the place where they put her port in (this is where they inject the chemo). When she went to get it checked out, they found a small blood clot. It is not serious , but they are keeping her overnight at Zale in Dallas. I will update this post if we find out anything else.

On a completely different note, several people have told me that they wish they could post comments on this site. Well you can. Just click on the lower right of the post where it lists the number of comments already posted. Jess and I regularly read them and you can too.

10:05 PM I just got back from seeing Jess at Zale Lipshy. I know a little bit more but not a lot. There are really two problems. The first is that she almost certainly has an infection around the site of the port. They are already treating it with antibiotics. It really is a good thing she has an infection because otherwise they would not have found the second, unrelated problem: a blood clot in her arm. They are already treating the clot as well, with a blood thinner. The cause of the clot is thought to either be a side effect of one of the chemo drugs or a result of the surgery when the port was put in. I am worried about her just because I am her husband, but also I feel a great deal of relief that they caught the clot early. She has been still tired over a week after her chemo, and now we have a better understanding of why. When I left, she was in good spirits but tired.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

On second thought...

After Jess's last round of chemo, I was very excited when she didn't throw up (something she did the first round). However, I think I may have given the impression that she had a great weekend complete with a light jog up Mount Everest and a sprint down the other side. The truth is when I said she was feeling tired, I meant Firestone tired. When I said she was able to rest, I meant she slept like a cat or a hibernating bear. I was also excited about how well the anti-nausea medicine worked, but it was a little like taking an advil when you get a headache. Before you take the advil, your head hurts and then it might not make it go completely away. So it has been with nausea. Jess really has been doing much better this time, although the symptoms are lasting longer. However, if you happen to say to Jess "I'm so glad you're doing great" please be aware that a certain husband will have an imaginary friend named Snoopy the next few days because he will be in the doghouse. When you see her say, "I'm so glad you're doing OK." Do not vary from the script. For example do not say "I'm so sorry that you are overcome with fatigue and near death" or "I'm sorry you had a bad weekend but I'm glad you're still with us" because she is neither of these things. She is an incredible woman who somehow managed to go to Katelyn's choir recital on Friday when she felt terrible and who has discovered a new joy even when she feels like crying.

Monday, May 2, 2005

Yes, As a Matter of Fact their Daddy did Dress Them

Jess and I are moving in opposite directions. She is feeling like she can go out and do stuff today, but I am feeling like I need a really, really long nap. Having said that, this time around it has been much easier. For one thing Jess did not get as sick this time (not as nauseas, no throwing up). I think she was a little more tired this time, but there is a simple cure for that: rest. On my end I had more people helping out this time with more stuff (like getting the kids dressed in the morning-- did I mention I have three girls? Boys I hear do not care if there shirt and shorts match let alone whether or not there shoes and hair scrunchies are color coordinated). Jess spent the first two nights at her grandmother's (better known by my kids as MeeMaw) and then her dad from Portland came in for the weekend to help take care of her. Jess's hair was supposed to fall out two weeks after her first treatment but it is just now starting to fall out. Fortunately she looks really cute in hats. Herceptin has been on the news lately as the latest, greatest drug to help with chemo: I think it's pretty cool that Jess is already on it. The two chemo drugs she is on (if you are interested in that sort of thing) is Carboplatan and Taxoteer (both of which I am sure are horribly misspelled). Jess' s next treatment is May 19th.