Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last Post

I've felt for awhile now that I should write a last post. This blog has meant a lot to me as it has connected me with a global community in a way that would not be possible through face to face communication. With any person's life prayer is one of the most important thinsg, but for us as a family it has sustained, guided, and supported us. For many people this blog has served as marching orders for prayer warriors. For others, it has meant not coming to here support, but to be supported. Dealing with a major illness like cancer or the loss of a love one is sometimes best helped by listening to stories of others who have been there. I know for me, listening to others' stories at Gilda's Club and the Warm Place has brought comfort. It has been an honor to me that you have come here to listen to Jessica and my story, My story is continuing in the next "book," but I'm ready for it to be more private. Thanks for listening.