Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Jadyn had two costumes for Halloween. It is a tradition for all Kindergartners to dress up like scarecrows to end the fall unit at school. Jadyn was a darling scarecrow.

She was a bunny later at home! I loved that she wanted to be an animal. When she was listing off ideas of what to be a few weeks ago, I stopped her quickly at bunny and told her I thought she would make the cutest bunny ever---she did! Bryn fell in love with this High School Musical cheerleader costume when we saw it at the store. She has worn it several times already. I know we will get a lot of dress-up use out of this costume. She was so cute too! She wanted me to always say she was a "High School Musical" cheerleader. Whenever I just said, cheerleader, she corrected me! Katelyn was a HSM cheerleader for the Wood 6th grade play last spring, so I think she wanted to be just like her big sister.

Katelyn was PiPi Longstalking for a party last weekend, but tonight, she wanted to be a cowgirl with several girlfriends. I will have to get her photo posted later! She was very pretty in both costumes. I am so glad she still wants to dress up (and it is not to scare people). I just love all her friends too that she went around with tonight! They are a great group.

We went over to my grandmother's house for dinner and trick-or-treating with my cousins. It is now a tradition as we went last year as well.

My aunt Jacque wins the prize for dressing up too. I told her if I took her picture, I would blog it, so here it is! I think she is adorable!!

Here is a close up of baby Ella Grace Pavel, she is a fish. Isn't she so beautiful!

The kids did great this year. We were laughing because we gave them dozens of rules and we were standing right next to them the entire time. Jacque and Sandy were laughing because they said they always went out by themselves and had no rules!! One of the rules was standing in line in the street, followed by taking turns ringing the door bell, waiting until the whole group got to the door before ringing it, saying thank you, saying trick or treat, took a good while to get started due to the extended list!! (By the way, they did not look like this the entire time. But it appears they followed each of our rules from this picture!)

They received a lot of candy!! Bryn and Jadyn later examined each piece. I remember doing that when I was little with my sister and brother, Hope and Garett. We would dump all our candy out for days and make trades. I think I was on the wining end of most of the trading as they were 7 years younger! I think I would offer one smartie for 2 snickers:)

Today was filled with moments that I said, "Thank you God, for this moment!" I hope yours was too!

Take care,

Monday, October 29, 2007

3Day and Birthday

This weekend was the breast cancer 3 day walk. This is a 60 mile, 3 day walk benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation that (I learned yeaserday) has funneled almost one billion dollars into research for a cure for breast cancer. That number is staggering!!

My mom had raised her money (over $3,000!) and was ready and training to walk the race this weekend. Then, last week she broke her foot!! Not a sprain, but a clean break! She was put in a boot and told not to walk. So, when she told our family, Jacque felt like she should walk for mom in her place. Sandy was able to join Jacque in walking too. They had both not trained at all, but felt like they were called to take up where my mom left off in racing for the cure! They did it!!! Mom served as their cheaufer this weekend and was their cheering buddy. I was able to go to a couple cheering stations also and attend the closing ceremonies. It was so emotional. First of all, my bald head let everyone know I was a cancer survivor. I did not realize how that would mean a lot to the people walking, but it did. So many people came up to me to touch my hand, or offer a hug and say that they were walking for me. What an amazing feeling. Also, the closing ceremony had everyone march in together. I was able to watch my aunt Sandy, Jacque and my friend Kara walk in. I saw my other friend walking, Missy, at the opening ceremony, but she did not see me because she had earmuffs on as it was SO cold at the morning of the first day! The breast cancer survivors were last to come in at the closing ceremony. It was very touching to see them, with such courage, walking hand in had to the stage. I also thought of all the women who were there walking for people who had lost their battle to cancer. Thank you to everyone who walked, fundraised, supported, cheered, and a special thank you to the people who bandaged my aunt Sandy's toes in which two nails are about to fall off!

Here are a few photos of the event. These first two are taken when we arrived at opening ceremonies on the first day. It looks like night, but it is really just very early! They got on early start each day.

Here is my mom at a cheering station on this beautiful weekend.

Jacque and Sandy after the first 6 miles.

And on the second day, still smiling, even after 35 miles.

I am not certain, but I think that Jacque and Sandy are wearing the same pants, but on Jacque they are shorts and Sandy, pants!

And, then again on the last day after closing ceremony and over 60 miles in just 3 days. WOW!

Bryn was able to come along with me to cheer on the walkers. She had a lot of fun. When we got home she said, "Mom, tell Jadyn all about our trip!"

Bryn made a poster to hold up for her favorite walkers!

Jadyn came home from school Friday and was not feeling well. She had a high fever Friday night and into Sunday so I took her to a weekend clinic. It turns out she has bronchitis. Poor thing! Today is her sixth birthday and she had to stay home. Fortunately, she is feeling better today so she was not completely miserable. One of the highlights of the day was when her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Maurer called our house and had the entire class sing "Happy Birthday" to a smiling birthday girl! We are blessed with a compassionate, fabulous teacher. Who does that!!?? Jadyn is such a blessing to me. She is soft-spoken and kind. She is a good friend to so many people. I love that she tries hard not to leave anyone out. I have fun watching her play soccer and gymnastics. She hardly crosses the room without flipping a cartwheel. When she was born, we were all thrilled. I remember Katelyn being afraid to hold her at first. When I finally made her when she was just two days old, she did not want to let her go! I am a bit sad that she is growing up so fast. Now she has to use two hands to show how old she is! I would post a baby picture, but I did not have a digital camera then. I'll find an old one...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

2nd round

I had my second round of chemo on Friday. I was pretty sick Saturday night and into Sunday. I worked out with Dr. Haley to get IV fluids this week to try to stay ahead of the curve. So, I went in for most of the day Monday and Tuesday. This helped a great deal!! By Wednesday, I was keeping food down and was not too nauseous. Here we are on Thursday, and I can't believe I feel this good. I am not 100%, but I had such bleak expectations due to the first round's miserable failure! My throat feels good and I am eating more solid foods with ease. And now, I have two more weeks until I have my 3rd round! Yea!! I have decided to ask if I can move my chemo date to Monday, so I can get fluids Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Maybe then, I will not miss a beat. Wouldn't that be something!

Recently, we went out to a pumpkin farm for Evelyn's birthday party. She and Bryn will both enter kindergarten next year at the same school (we hope!). Evelyn is pictured with Bryn in the last picture. They had a blast!

Last year, our family came out to this same pumpkin patch with my brother Alex who lives in northern California. I can't believe it has been a year already. Here is a picture from a year ago! You can date it a little from my hair:)

We all finished our first six weeks of the school year. Katelyn made all A's on her first report card of junior high. Jadyn got to go to her first Koalaty Assembly as a kindergartener. Aunt Sandy gave the motivational message of obeying your parents. I liked this assembly! Below is a picture with Jadyn and Bryn at the assembly. Bryn is itching to be with Jadyn at Wood. One more year! I will miss these all too frequent pictures of my aunt Sandy with the girls at school as she starts her new job and new school in a few months.

This past weekend, we attended the annual pumpkin carving party of some friends of ours. Our pumpkins did not win, but we were proud none the less. Bryn and Jadyn contributed a lot to this kitty-carving this year!

Katelyn participated in her schools haunted house this year. It is sponsored by BAD (Bulldogs Against Drugs). Her group did a room in the haunted house that could be titled the Crypt Memorial Hospital. Katelyn played the role of a surgeon. She got to work on the body of her cousin Corbin. They had a lot of fun, but I was pretty happy to have the make-up off and see my beautiful Katie again! Scary!

My mom won a teaching award that I mentioned in a previous blog. One of her rewards was getting the use of a Hummer for a week. She is all smiles in this big mac truck! I am so proud of her...she really is the best reading teacher ever! I got to drive it today to drop the kids off at school and pick them up. They thought they were celebrities. My cousin Kaylee called it a Hummer-zine! We all had fun. I would definitely consider it as a third vehicle except
a) it does not fit in my garage,
b) it costs $40 to fill it just half way up which lasts appoximitely 2 hours, and
c) it's payment would be three times my current mortgage.

But, it was a lot of fun to drive for a day! Below is my mom in her H2. By the time I stood far enough back to get the entire car in the photo, my mom is a little blurry!

Take care,

Friday, October 12, 2007


I am behind on the pictures, so here are a lot. Also, the blog was acting up with posing pictures, so I had to use a new photo sharing service, Photobucket. I hope they come out okay!

First, Katelyn's volleyball team is undeafeated going into their last game this Monday night against the only other undefeated team (which happens to be her father's school, Young!). It should be a fun game. She is #18.

Also, I know it is now over a month, but Katelyn is now officially a teenager. She is such a beautiful, smart, talented, fun-loving, caring young lady and I am so proud to be her mom! We are truly blessed by her. We usually give the girls either a big gift or a big party from us. Usually they always pick a big party! This year, Katelyn wanted a computer. With help from grandparents, she got an apple computer. She is giddy with excitement. She set the whole computer up by herself, only needing help with internet hook-up. It was a good decision. This computer will take her all through school. Also below is a picture of Katelyn with cutie pie Bryn and one of Katelyn at a choir concert. She could not get her uniform off fast enough, but I thought she was beautiful!

Now, a picture of the yikes at a recent Ranger game, and Jadyn making a silly face with Jake.

Bryn with Dillon and Conner Kinney (who go to her same school) at a beautiful tree in their front yard.

Today I got to spend much of the day with my sister and my beautiful niece Ella Grace. Here are a few pictures of her. This is one of her first times in a highchair! Also, I tried my wig on her to see how she might look one day with hair. All babies in our family have very little hair until at least one, usually two years old! Fine for boys, but girls... we need bows! Then, Mandy stopped by with Jace for a surprise visit. I was at the doctor with Katie, but Bryn took a few pictures for me of the babies and their moms.

Okay, I now have new hair. Mine is falling all the way out and needed to be shaved off. I am shedding all over the place. So Thursday, I went with my Grandma to a salon in Lewisville I heard about from a fellow cancer survivor that had a great wig cut there a few months ago. I had two wigs from my previous hair loss and they were great then. But, now I wear my hair longer and I was not comfortable in them anymore. So, now I have a little longer one, as shown in the lovely photos. Plus, I am not afraid to show you my newly shaven head. Also, I found out I had a cut on my head. The hairdresser did not cut it and so I have a little dot of hair there until the cut heals. Who knew?? If you want to find out if you have any moles, cuts or abrasions, just shave your head!