Friday, October 12, 2007


I am behind on the pictures, so here are a lot. Also, the blog was acting up with posing pictures, so I had to use a new photo sharing service, Photobucket. I hope they come out okay!

First, Katelyn's volleyball team is undeafeated going into their last game this Monday night against the only other undefeated team (which happens to be her father's school, Young!). It should be a fun game. She is #18.

Also, I know it is now over a month, but Katelyn is now officially a teenager. She is such a beautiful, smart, talented, fun-loving, caring young lady and I am so proud to be her mom! We are truly blessed by her. We usually give the girls either a big gift or a big party from us. Usually they always pick a big party! This year, Katelyn wanted a computer. With help from grandparents, she got an apple computer. She is giddy with excitement. She set the whole computer up by herself, only needing help with internet hook-up. It was a good decision. This computer will take her all through school. Also below is a picture of Katelyn with cutie pie Bryn and one of Katelyn at a choir concert. She could not get her uniform off fast enough, but I thought she was beautiful!

Now, a picture of the yikes at a recent Ranger game, and Jadyn making a silly face with Jake.

Bryn with Dillon and Conner Kinney (who go to her same school) at a beautiful tree in their front yard.

Today I got to spend much of the day with my sister and my beautiful niece Ella Grace. Here are a few pictures of her. This is one of her first times in a highchair! Also, I tried my wig on her to see how she might look one day with hair. All babies in our family have very little hair until at least one, usually two years old! Fine for boys, but girls... we need bows! Then, Mandy stopped by with Jace for a surprise visit. I was at the doctor with Katie, but Bryn took a few pictures for me of the babies and their moms.

Okay, I now have new hair. Mine is falling all the way out and needed to be shaved off. I am shedding all over the place. So Thursday, I went with my Grandma to a salon in Lewisville I heard about from a fellow cancer survivor that had a great wig cut there a few months ago. I had two wigs from my previous hair loss and they were great then. But, now I wear my hair longer and I was not comfortable in them anymore. So, now I have a little longer one, as shown in the lovely photos. Plus, I am not afraid to show you my newly shaven head. Also, I found out I had a cut on my head. The hairdresser did not cut it and so I have a little dot of hair there until the cut heals. Who knew?? If you want to find out if you have any moles, cuts or abrasions, just shave your head!


Shelley said...

How blessed I am to have such a beautiful friend. I love you Jess!

Anonymous said...

I love both heads! Thanks for sharing the pictures. The bald head kids must be from the McNutt side, because the Yetter side probably needed a haircut at 2 weeks! You need a picture of you, Jace and Ella all with no hair. You look absolutely wonderful, and soon will feel as good as you look. Keep on similing!

All my love,
Aunt Janette

Jace said...

I love Aunt Janette's idea. We will have to do that soon! I love your wig, and the highlights! You look great!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, beautiful Jessica, What a lucky wig to have such a beautiful face to frame!! You look so awesome in both pictures!
Judy O'Dannel

Aunt Sandy said...

So many blessings, Jessa. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful in all things. You are beautiful. How lucky I am to be your aunt.

I love you,
Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess I love your hair! It's about as short as mine! It was so great to see the girls yesterday, and thanks for helping to make Aiden's birthday a success. Have a wonderful day and know that there's someone in Arkansas who's thinking of you :)


Anonymous said...


I love your music selections! They just happen to be favorites of mine, too. I guess we have really similar music taste. Your pictures were great, too! Keep up us all posted!


Anonymous said...

I think that the wig makes you look a little like Hope. Tell the girls I said hello.

Mark (Yetter)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, as always...thanks for sharing the great photos. We have spent the last few days with Erik and family at Sunriver. Grandkids are wonderful. Love, Lynne

Tessa said...

Go Katie girl!!!! You are simply my favorite Beautiful, Beautiful teenage girl!I miss seeing you each day at Wood, but I am so proud of you rocking Boles like the kickin kid you are!

Anonymous said...

Hey friend! I love the new addition of music to your blog! What awesome songs. You bless me tremendously in so many ways! Thanks for letting your light shine for all of us!

cocamom said...

You are a beautiful woman in so many ways...

Gina Pierce