Thursday, October 11, 2007


Funny story about Bryn...we were playing a game where I asked her what came after what letter in the alphabet. It went like this:
Me: "What comes after A?"
Bryn: "B!"
Me: "What comes after L?"
Bryn: "M!"
Me: What comes after Y?"
Bryn: N!"

A little perplexed, and then it hit me. Of course! "...wxy n' z!"
Although she was thinking outside the box, we will be reviewing the alphabet soon:)

Also, I was scheduled to have chemo on Friday, but as I am still not 100%, it was moved to the following Friday, the 19th. I am grateful for the extra break. I hope that I am fully ready to go by then. Today, I am going to get new "hair"! I;ll try to post a picture (if I like it!).

Okay, one more story about Katelyn. Yesterday we were having a dinner that a friend from church provided. We were finishing up and having a yummy brownie. (I say we, but you all know I had yummy broth:) Anyway, Katelyn was walking around the kitchen and said, "Who took my brownie?" No one said a thing. By the way, it is VERY typical for Jake to take the girls food or trick them...yes, even at the dinner table! She started asking everyone specifically. "Mom, did you take my brownie?" "Dad, come on, tell me where my brownie is." "Jadyn, did you see Bryn take my brownie?" And this went on and on. Finally, I left and went into the livingroom, Jake stated cleaning up dinner, and Katie was still fuming mad at whoever stole her brownie. Katelyn, out of desperation was looking everywhere in the kitchen and popped open the mocrowave. There was her brownie!! She had put it in there herself to warm it up! We all thought that was pretty funny!!

Love to all,


Mil (A Friend From NY) said...

Hi Jess,
Your story reminded me of one of my children (who shall remain nameless), who once asked in front of company, if I was serving the stew with "termites" in it. Hmmm. she meant turnips. Listening with a childs' ear can be fun. Continue to enjoy it and keep on smiling. Your strength is a light for us all.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are writing these down - in a few years you will look back and laugh. After your story I started to remember what Mark or Ryan used to do - but couldn't remember the specifics (If I do, I will let you know). I know that it had somethig to do with 'LMNOP' being one letter.

Also thinking back, I sure we can add some funny things that Jessica did when she was young (if my sisters would ever comment). For somereason, 'hangburer" for hamburger sticks in my mind.

Love to all,
Aunt Janette