Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Jadyn had two costumes for Halloween. It is a tradition for all Kindergartners to dress up like scarecrows to end the fall unit at school. Jadyn was a darling scarecrow.

She was a bunny later at home! I loved that she wanted to be an animal. When she was listing off ideas of what to be a few weeks ago, I stopped her quickly at bunny and told her I thought she would make the cutest bunny ever---she did! Bryn fell in love with this High School Musical cheerleader costume when we saw it at the store. She has worn it several times already. I know we will get a lot of dress-up use out of this costume. She was so cute too! She wanted me to always say she was a "High School Musical" cheerleader. Whenever I just said, cheerleader, she corrected me! Katelyn was a HSM cheerleader for the Wood 6th grade play last spring, so I think she wanted to be just like her big sister.

Katelyn was PiPi Longstalking for a party last weekend, but tonight, she wanted to be a cowgirl with several girlfriends. I will have to get her photo posted later! She was very pretty in both costumes. I am so glad she still wants to dress up (and it is not to scare people). I just love all her friends too that she went around with tonight! They are a great group.

We went over to my grandmother's house for dinner and trick-or-treating with my cousins. It is now a tradition as we went last year as well.

My aunt Jacque wins the prize for dressing up too. I told her if I took her picture, I would blog it, so here it is! I think she is adorable!!

Here is a close up of baby Ella Grace Pavel, she is a fish. Isn't she so beautiful!

The kids did great this year. We were laughing because we gave them dozens of rules and we were standing right next to them the entire time. Jacque and Sandy were laughing because they said they always went out by themselves and had no rules!! One of the rules was standing in line in the street, followed by taking turns ringing the door bell, waiting until the whole group got to the door before ringing it, saying thank you, saying trick or treat, took a good while to get started due to the extended list!! (By the way, they did not look like this the entire time. But it appears they followed each of our rules from this picture!)

They received a lot of candy!! Bryn and Jadyn later examined each piece. I remember doing that when I was little with my sister and brother, Hope and Garett. We would dump all our candy out for days and make trades. I think I was on the wining end of most of the trading as they were 7 years younger! I think I would offer one smartie for 2 snickers:)

Today was filled with moments that I said, "Thank you God, for this moment!" I hope yours was too!

Take care,

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Anonymous said...

We are blessed aren't we baby.. I love you so so much thanks for the pictures

Aunt Pam