Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun visit

We had a fun weekend with my dad, in from Oregon. We were busy right away with Jadyn’s 6th birthday party. We had it at an indoor swimming pool. We had a great time! Jadyn and her friends loved the huge slide. If you were under 48”, you had to go down with an adult. For almost 1 and ½ hours, Jake was the designated adult going up the huge staircase and down the fun slide. Most of my family was able to attend as well. I am so grateful for so many great friends and family close by!

We spent all Saturday at soccer games and the school carnival. Jadyn played the cake walk a dozen times until she finally won with her aunt Diane and aunt Pam! A cake walk is where you walk around in a circle to music; when the music stops you stand on a number. If they pull your number from the hat, you win the prize--a cake! We got to stay until the end and attend the live auction and then watch a show from Nana Puddin’(a children’s ventriloquist show). We won a Boles basket in the auction (Boles is the school Katelyn attends) and my aunt Jacque won a plate for me that has all Jadyn's kindergarten class thumbprints on a Christmas platter. Thank you!!

I think this visit with my dad could be titled the Bryn visit. She did not take anytime to warm up to dad and right away wanted him to sit in the back seat with her all the time. He went along with this most of the time!

Sunday, we has a beautiful day. We had a picnic at the park, and went to a late movie as a family before my dad had to head back home. At the park we were at, Bryn wanted her picture taken with every statue in the park. There were so many statues, that I was thankful I had a digital camera! Bryn used to be the one who did not like her picture taken. That day, she was like a little model!

Today, Bryn had a Pow Wow at her school. A ll the four year old classes met for the parents that included singing and dancing in true pow wow fashion. Each child got to pick an Indian name. Bryn picked "Sunflower".

My sister Hope came to see Bryn's show with Ella. We ate lunch afterward, and here is a precious picture of little Ella sitting up so tall in the highchair.

I have my third round of chemo tomorrow. I am so thankful for such a great second round. I am planning on keeping things the same where I go in for fluids Monday and Tuesday. I think I will get scans in the coming weeks to see if this chemo mix is effective. I also have a great opportunity to go to a conference in Houston at MD Anderson in a few weeks that will focus on stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I think it will be a great time in finding out new treatments and means of dealing with my current prognosis and symptoms. It is a packed two days, but I know I will learn a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
So please tell this New Yorker "what is a "cake walk"?

About your trip to M.D. Anderson....of which I have heard wonderful things. Ask someone to go with you who can take notes; make contacts; ask questions; pick up flyers and medical handouts; etc., etc., OK thats my butinsky suggestion for today.

I'm praying that this chemo cycle goes well.

Aunt Janettes, Aunt Mil

Jessica Kaylor said...

J--You want to go?

Anonymous said...

Let me know when!! As long as it isn't the time Jacque may be out here (not sure if it is a secret or not, but now the world knows!!), then I will do what I can. Is it near a spa??

I can 'butinsky' with the best of them! Aunt Mil, is that a New York term? Almost like the Texas term 'fixin'.

Jess, I love to see the pictures of your dad and Oregon family. I swear your dad doesn't age!!!

Give the kids a kiss from us.

We will be thinking of you tomorrow - remember - HYDRATE!!

Love, Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

A perfect choice. But I still don't know what a cake walk is???

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong - a lot of numbers on the ground (hopscotch size) and they play music while you walk around in a circle on the numbers (similar to musical chairs, but no numbers get taken away). When the music stops, numbers are pulled out of a hat, and if you are on that number, you win a cake/dessert.

Very Texan.