Friday, November 16, 2007

In Houston!

Hi all! I did get the opportunity to go to Houston this weekend for a metastatic breast cancer conference. I got in this afternoon, via a Southwest Airlines buddy pass from my dad! It was easy to maneuver the airports and I got to my hotel just fine.

One little God note. I was in the Houston restroom and before I entered, I recalled that I had my driver's license in my pocket from boarding the plane in Dallas. I did not put my hand in my pocket, I just thought to myself that it was there. After I used the restroom, and washed my hands, I put my hand in my pocket. My license was not there. I stepped into the bathroom stall I was just in and looked down...on the floor was my license. It was a weird feeling, because in a way, I knew it was not on my seat on the plane, or back in Dallas. I knew it was right there! I am sure it would not have been fun getting home without it...actually impossible via plane. So, I thanked my amazing God for watching after me as I am away from home!

Okay, so now I am safe in my hotel room, which is steps from MD Anderson where the conference will take place. Earlier, I took the Metro Rail up and down (as far as it went) just to see what was around my hotel, and I ate a yummy Italian dinner. I think tomorrow I will try the indoor pool at the hotel. As I re-read this, it sounds like I am going to have a lot alone time. I will, but I will also be at the conference ALL day tomorrow (from 9:30-7:00!), and most of the day Sunday. I am so excited to learn some new things, and as Jake says, meet some people like me!

More to come later :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
Enjoy your alone time. How many soothing baths can one person take in a weekend?

Remember to ASK QUESTIONS. Don't be afraid to, this is your opportunity. Think of it this way, if your girls were in a class and didn't understand, or wanted more information, wouldn't you want them to ask!!!

Enjoy your time and the opportunity give.

Love, Janette

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. I think of you and pray for you often. I hope you have a nice time while you are away!


Anonymous said...

The instructions/advice that I always gave my girls was to sit in the front of the room. So listen up Jess....sit in the front of the room.
Janettes' Aunt Mil

PS Take lots of notes