Sunday, February 26, 2006

A proud girl for doing her pt exercises
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Jadyn making a "bridge" so Jess can roll a car under
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Jadyn is squeezing a ball with her leg. She makes this pt exercise look like no sweat. Posted by Picasa

Scan Results this Thursday

We have been waiting three months for Jess to have a scan and now that she has had one comes a week of waiting. I think this week has been longer than those three months. I am very much like a little kid waiting for Christmas-- but I only want the present if it's a good one. It's almost been year since we found out Jess had cancer: we found out last year over Spring Break (March 10th). What a nice present it would be have a clear scan a week and a half before Spring Break this year.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home from PET Scan

Today I went for my PET/CT scan. I had a lovely banana shake and spent 2 hours trying to sleep. I will have the results in about a week and, of course, we will post the results. They always judge a lot by your symptoms and I have none at this point. So, we are all anticipating a good scan that shows diminishing (or disappearing) tumors! I had an infusion of Herceptin and Zometa today as well. Jadyn is doing her best to walk. Lately she's been jumping. But after about three jumps, she says "My legs hurt when I jump." Like the joke about the man telling the doctor his arm hurts when he raises it, I told Jadyn, "Well...don't jump!" She is determined to do it all though. It must run in the family. (stubbornness, that is)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jadyn is home :)

As might be expected from our go get 'em girl, Jadyn got to come home early today. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves today, but I have to say something about Jadyn's scar first . Jadyn just told Jess that likes the purple line on her leg. She said, "Purple's my favorite!" However, Jess would rather her five inch scar disappear like her cast did . In fact, and I doubt I am making this up, Jess will probably go online right after this post and start looking for beauty tips to make it go away.

It was a long time coming for this bath. Jessica's camera battery died right after this picture, so you'll just have to imagine the HUGE grin Jadyn had on. Posted by Picasa

Jadyn smiling because her cast is off and she is on her way to take a bath Posted by Picasa

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Today is the Day!

Bryn stayed with friends, but Katelyn went with Jadyn, Jess, and me to get Jadyn's cast off. After we checked in, we went right away to get her cast off. One of the nurses was really good about explaining how the cast would be taken off to a very scared Jadyn. Actually, once Jadyn saw that sawing off a cast doesn't hurt, she did really good. This time they put a layer of Gortex underneath the cast to help keep it clean, and that helped, but it had a 7-week build-up of grossness.

From there we went to x-rays. After that we got the best news of the day-- her hip socket was just the way they wanted it. I was about to say normal, but a hip can't be normal with (what looked like) 4 inch pins and all new bone formed around where they brought the hip together at. Next stop-- a bath. For me this was my favorite part because it was like Jadyn was discovering she had legs again. It may have been Jessica's favorite part too because she got to scrub Jadyn's "alligator" legs until they got to look more like little girl legs. After she got dried off, Jadyn ate lunch via room service (this was one of the things Katelyn told Jadyn about to get her excited about going to the hospital).

Then it was off to p.t. better known as physical therapy or as the therapists told Jadyn: play time. It was really neat how they turned increased her range of motion and muscle strength by playing games with her. She had to move her legs to pop bubbles, drive her "car" (really a walker), and sit down and stand up while playing in the play kitchen. Jadyn smiled the whole time until her legs buckled-- then she cried and play time was over. Jadyn's therapists said she accomplished more in an hour then what is normally done in a week. She said that Jadyn's "I'm going to do it" attitude is going to take her far in life. I see the same thing in Jessica.

Tonight, Jess is staying with Jadyn in the hospital and Katelyn, Bryn, and I are spending the night at Jessa's grandparents. Right now the camera is at the hospital with Jadyn and Jess, but I promise I will post pictures of a certain two-legged girl soon.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a Day

For the first time in about four years Jess and I both worked on a Saturday. Both us proctor a teacher-certification test every few months, but in recent years we have been taking turns. However, one of my brave students watched our girls from 6:00 AM to 6 PM today. I asked her if it was hard and she said not really. I asked her if it was a long day and she said not really. I want to know her secret because when I watch the kids all day by myself I'm as wiped out as a straw hut near an errupting volcano. Then we went to church-- late. Jess was still working, so I took the kids myself. On the way there I dropped off Bryn's shoes that I had absent-mindedly set on the car roof. She wore another pair of shoes she had in the car-- a pair of summer slip-ons on a wintery day. After church was over I took the kids home and went out to get Jessica's medicine. I found Bryn's shoes on the way there. They were on opposite sides of the road. One was in the median. The other was in the grass in front of Children's University. Remarkably they hadn't been run-over. At the pharmacy I had a conversation that I've had before with the pharmacist. Me: I'm picking up medicine for my wife, Jessica Kaylor. (The pharmacist retrieves the medicine. The pharmacist looks down, then looks shocked). Me: I know it's going to be a lot. Pharmacist: How much are you expecting it to be? Me: Hundreds of dollars. Pharmacist: We didn't have enough pills for a full refill. The partial refill is $1200. Me: OK. Pharmacist: (says nothing, but shakes her head) I think next time I am going to act completely shocked and start throwing things. Maybe I can even foam at the mouth. I think that is what the pharmacist is expecting. The truth is it doesn't matter if $120 or $1200 we're still going to get the medicine. After I got home, Jess was watching the end of Cast-Away. That is an amazing coincidence because Monday we're all going to watch Cast-Away. Yeah!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


First let me confess that I only know what genuflection is because I read it one of the stories in the 8th grade literature book. I didn't even have to look it up to tell my students because it gave the definition at the bottom of the page. Genuflection means getting down on your knees to pray or worship. Jessica's next scan is a week from today, so please go and genuflect!

If you don't already know this next scan is huge for us because it will tell us if her tumors have increased or decreased in size and number, and insurance will not pay for another scan for another 3 months. Speaking of insurance-- Jessica's insurance now views UT-Southwestern as in network (sometimes answers to prayers are oh-so quick).

Jadyn gets her cast off Monday. It's a school holiday too, so the whole family can go :) Today Jadyn went by herself down the slide at Chick-fil-A (we went there for ice cream). That kid is a nut-- doesn't she know she's in a body cast?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

6 Days and Counting...

Our whole family is very excited about Jadyn getting her cast off in less than a week. She has increasingly been more comfortable in it, but she will be even more comfortable without it!

Two neat things have happened with Jessica. First of all Jess got a new pair of shoes yesterday. Jess narrowed what she wanted to two shoes. When she asked the sales clerk if there were any other comfortble shoes, she told Jessica that she had already picked out the two most comfortable pairs. Her final choice was a pair of brown Clark's sandals. They also meet Jessica's criterion of being very cute. The sales clerk told her that the pair she got is commonly purchased by people who have had foot surgeries: perfect!

The second neat thing started out as a huge negative. While we didn't switch insurance, Jessica's insurance company switched their network of providers. At first, Jess was pleased because all of her doctors were on the new network. However, imagine her shock when she discovered that the facilities for UT-Southwestern were not covered. Simply put she couldn't recieve treatment. When she called they told her that she would have to go to Moncrief, which is just ridiculous because Moncrief is a radiation-only treatment facility. However, the insurance nurse (yes, she even has an insurance nurse) was able to get a temporary extention of sixty days in which Jess will be able to get treatment at UT-Southwestern. While this is great, please pray for a permanent solution.

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

This Week's Prayer Calendar

Terre Coble has been very sweet in making us a weekly prayer calendar. I haven't posted it on here before because I usually read the email she sends our Sunday school class too late to be of much use. However, she just sent this one today.

Wednesday - Pray for wisdom for Drs. - Proverbs 28:26

Thursday - Pray for peace - Philippians 4:7

Friday - Pray for healing for Jess and Jadyn - Malachi 4:2

Saturday - Pray for rest - Matthew 11:28-30

Sunday - Pray that Jake, Jess and Kaitlyn will take their cares to the Lord - Philippians 4:6

We have been trying to discourage Jadyn to walk, but that is a little like trying to get Winnie the Pooh not to like honey. Yesterday she found out that she could kick a soccer ball hard. She pivoted on her fully casted leg and then smacked the ball with the leg that lets her knee swing free.

Jess and Katelyn both got a haircut yesterday. Katelyn got six inches cut off and looks very cute. Jessa felt like she had "grandma-hair" (which looks great on grandmothers but not as cute on thirty year olds) so she got her hair trimmed and styled. She looks both cute and hip.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Big Time Fun in Texarkana

We had a fantastic weekend at my friend Robert's house and Jess had a relaxing weekend without her four kids (yes, I know we only have three daughters).

Normally, Katelyn will watch as much t.v./movies/video games as we'll let her, but she barely did any of that the whole weekend. And Robert has cable! She and her two sisters spent most of the time outside on his twenty something acres that he and his parents share. We hooked up a trailer to Robert's four-wheeler. Katelyn rode in front with Robert and Bryn, Jadyn and I rode in the trailer. All three of them loved it. Robert's two kids went too. We also went fishing. Nobody got even a nibble except for Jadyn. Her fish got away, but it came out of the water while she was reeling it in. Jadyn was happier this weekend then I have seen her since she got her cast on. Speaking of which there is only two weeks left! As for forgetting something I forgot my jeans and Katelyn didn't bring any church clothes for Sunday.

Jessa's feet have already started to hurt. We are looking at different shoe options for her. I don't know if it will help, since they hurt because of her nerves, but we're going to try. At first I thought of getting her a pair of Nike Shocks, but Jess pointed out that unless she is going to the gym she prefers sandals. I've asked practically everyone I talked to and gotten some good ideas on comfortable sandals and both Jess and I are also looking online. Would it be too corny if I said that I am trying to save Jessa's sole?

Thursday, February 2, 2006

The bad news to go with the good news

I think it's pretty cool that my wife puts a positive spin on everything. Sometimes she acts like she has an annoying hang nail instead of cancer. The bad news she left out was that her surgeon, Dr. Euhus felt that the two tumors that are in bone, although treatable so they will be manageable, will never go away. This hasn't shaken us too much though-- the prognosis that Jess will not be completely cancer free has been given to us before-- and we still feel that in this case God has a different idea. Her next full body scan is coming up this month.

As for Jadyn, she got dressed herself this morning! Somehow she took off her pajimas and put on a long sleeve shirt and denim dress. Jess was so excited she called me during class. We have just a little over two weeks left in the cast-- we are eagerly awaiting the day when the cast goes away.

Jess is getting a much needed weekend by herself. I am taking the kids to a friend of mine's place in Texarkana (for you non-Texans that's a town on the Texas-Arkansas border). The kids are so excited you would think we were going to Disney Land. I'm just as excited as they are except I know I will remember I forgot something about half way there. It may end up the kids have to do something like brush their teeth with their fingers.