Monday, February 6, 2006

Big Time Fun in Texarkana

We had a fantastic weekend at my friend Robert's house and Jess had a relaxing weekend without her four kids (yes, I know we only have three daughters).

Normally, Katelyn will watch as much t.v./movies/video games as we'll let her, but she barely did any of that the whole weekend. And Robert has cable! She and her two sisters spent most of the time outside on his twenty something acres that he and his parents share. We hooked up a trailer to Robert's four-wheeler. Katelyn rode in front with Robert and Bryn, Jadyn and I rode in the trailer. All three of them loved it. Robert's two kids went too. We also went fishing. Nobody got even a nibble except for Jadyn. Her fish got away, but it came out of the water while she was reeling it in. Jadyn was happier this weekend then I have seen her since she got her cast on. Speaking of which there is only two weeks left! As for forgetting something I forgot my jeans and Katelyn didn't bring any church clothes for Sunday.

Jessa's feet have already started to hurt. We are looking at different shoe options for her. I don't know if it will help, since they hurt because of her nerves, but we're going to try. At first I thought of getting her a pair of Nike Shocks, but Jess pointed out that unless she is going to the gym she prefers sandals. I've asked practically everyone I talked to and gotten some good ideas on comfortable sandals and both Jess and I are also looking online. Would it be too corny if I said that I am trying to save Jessa's sole?

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Kathryn Young said...

Very corny! But, that's part of what makes you Jake Kaylor!

Anyways...since I did work at a women's shoe store for almost a year, I feel compelled to offer a suggestion.

Cartan's, on Magnolia and Henderson in the Hospital District of Ft Worth, has shoes called "SoftWalk" - they have cushy pads to walk on. I became addicted. They can be rather highly priced when not on sale, but if she likes them, they're worth every penny.

Good luck with the "sole searching"! See, I can be corny too!