Thursday, February 16, 2006


First let me confess that I only know what genuflection is because I read it one of the stories in the 8th grade literature book. I didn't even have to look it up to tell my students because it gave the definition at the bottom of the page. Genuflection means getting down on your knees to pray or worship. Jessica's next scan is a week from today, so please go and genuflect!

If you don't already know this next scan is huge for us because it will tell us if her tumors have increased or decreased in size and number, and insurance will not pay for another scan for another 3 months. Speaking of insurance-- Jessica's insurance now views UT-Southwestern as in network (sometimes answers to prayers are oh-so quick).

Jadyn gets her cast off Monday. It's a school holiday too, so the whole family can go :) Today Jadyn went by herself down the slide at Chick-fil-A (we went there for ice cream). That kid is a nut-- doesn't she know she's in a body cast?

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Kaylor Family,
What a great word! Genuflection!I am sharing that one with the teenagers tomorrow in Bible Class.
I will definitely continue praying for your family. You ALL inspire me. Jacob for your dear love for your precious wife is Beautiful. Jess your courageous and gentle spirit helps me to live in a better way. Katelyn's maturity and beauty is unbelievable for a 5th grader. ( and I'm so thankful that my Hope can call her friend) Jadyn who is a trooper just like her Mom at such a young age can make me smile just thinking about her sweet spirit. Brynn who is the cherry on top of a Sundae in the Kaylor family. How darling she truly is. Thank you once again for your Blog and continued focus on God's plan. I love you all!
Carrie Patchen