Wednesday, February 8, 2006

This Week's Prayer Calendar

Terre Coble has been very sweet in making us a weekly prayer calendar. I haven't posted it on here before because I usually read the email she sends our Sunday school class too late to be of much use. However, she just sent this one today.

Wednesday - Pray for wisdom for Drs. - Proverbs 28:26

Thursday - Pray for peace - Philippians 4:7

Friday - Pray for healing for Jess and Jadyn - Malachi 4:2

Saturday - Pray for rest - Matthew 11:28-30

Sunday - Pray that Jake, Jess and Kaitlyn will take their cares to the Lord - Philippians 4:6

We have been trying to discourage Jadyn to walk, but that is a little like trying to get Winnie the Pooh not to like honey. Yesterday she found out that she could kick a soccer ball hard. She pivoted on her fully casted leg and then smacked the ball with the leg that lets her knee swing free.

Jess and Katelyn both got a haircut yesterday. Katelyn got six inches cut off and looks very cute. Jessa felt like she had "grandma-hair" (which looks great on grandmothers but not as cute on thirty year olds) so she got her hair trimmed and styled. She looks both cute and hip.

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