Thursday, February 2, 2006

The bad news to go with the good news

I think it's pretty cool that my wife puts a positive spin on everything. Sometimes she acts like she has an annoying hang nail instead of cancer. The bad news she left out was that her surgeon, Dr. Euhus felt that the two tumors that are in bone, although treatable so they will be manageable, will never go away. This hasn't shaken us too much though-- the prognosis that Jess will not be completely cancer free has been given to us before-- and we still feel that in this case God has a different idea. Her next full body scan is coming up this month.

As for Jadyn, she got dressed herself this morning! Somehow she took off her pajimas and put on a long sleeve shirt and denim dress. Jess was so excited she called me during class. We have just a little over two weeks left in the cast-- we are eagerly awaiting the day when the cast goes away.

Jess is getting a much needed weekend by herself. I am taking the kids to a friend of mine's place in Texarkana (for you non-Texans that's a town on the Texas-Arkansas border). The kids are so excited you would think we were going to Disney Land. I'm just as excited as they are except I know I will remember I forgot something about half way there. It may end up the kids have to do something like brush their teeth with their fingers.

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