Monday, January 30, 2006

All clear!

Today I had my first mammogram in almost a year. I had the first one in February of '05 which was the start of my whirlwind diagnosis and treatment. Since then, I have had many a test, but no mammogram. Now that I am on a maintenance program, I have had my first maintenance mammogram! It was clear as a bell. My surgeon told me I was a "miracle girl!" He was very pleased with the results, of course, and had no new course of treatment for me. I will see him again in 3 months.

My dad got to go with me to my appointments this morning. He came down for a wonderful visit this weekend and extended it to make this appointment. The rest of my family would be quite proud of his presence because each time a doctor or nurse would ask how I was doing, I would say "just fine!" and dad would say, "now, Jess, your feet have been hurting..." Which did prompt some good advice: lots of fluids, good shoes, and checking my feet often for cuts, etc... Dr. Euhus said that taking Taxotere (a chemo drug I once took) affects your nervous system for years to come and thought there was a connection to my feet tingling and numbing a bit with the Xeloda... so, it could be the chemo drug's long term affects.

My feet have benefited from a week off the Xeloda. I started up again today. I will have some more tests next month that might mean an adjustment of the medicines. For now, I will deal with the minimal side effects of this one. I'll take hurt feet over nausea any day of the week!

My hair is growing back, albeit very curly. I have to be thankful for any hair at all, but I do wish it would relax a little. It is quite soft and thicker too. Jadyn told me the other day during one of her nicer moments, " Mom, your hair is so pretty!" ...Then, she screamed at her sister, "Stop touching me!"

Life goes on... :)


Anonymous said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I was holding my breath, but knew everything would be fine. What great news! Give everyone a hug for me.

I'm glad that you got to see your dad and he went with you to the doctors. That is important.

Now relax!
All my love,
Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

once again we see just how wonderful God really is if we just believe in His love. Great news today Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing you wonderful news, I just we were there to give you hugs.

Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

Life goes on.........what a wonderful phrase. It says everything. Congratulations!