Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mommy I'm Stuck

Jadyn manages to scoot and wiggle herself off the couch and land on her feet. She was so happy with herself she started giggling. Then she yelled, "Mommy, I'm stuck!" She also has like being on her stomach better now. I don't know if it counts as crawling, but she raised herself up on her hands and flopped forward a couple of inches. Tonight when I put the girls to bed, Bryn wanted to sleep with "Mary." Mary is a doll that has the same cast as Jadyn. A nurse made it for her, and Jadyn colored it pink when the plaster dried. Anyway, when Bryn asked to sleep with her Jadyn told her that it wasn't a good doll to sleep with since the cast part was hard. Bryn our two year old comedian pressed it closs to her as she pretend yelped, "Ouch!"

Jadyn still gets angry fits when she gets frustrated with being in the cast, but they are less often. The worse thing has been nightmares. I got up three times last night and Jess one to tend to her as she screamed and flailed her arms. Katelyn used to have nightmares a lot, so I brought her in to pray along with me over Jadyn, but Jadyn didn't want us to. I'm going to be sneaky and pray over her after she goes to sleep.

With all the commotion over Jadyn, I haven't talked about Jess in a while. Her hair is coming back thick and curly. Normally, a person loses hair in the process of brushing or shampooing but her hair just doesn't come out. Jess asked me to pull out one of her hairs to see how long it was and I couldn't do it. It's like their superglued to her scalp. She started back on chemo this week and it has been easier remembering to take her pills at night because we have been staying home. Every three weeks she takes Hereceptin through her port (which is infection-free) and every two weeks she takes Zometa (which helps with her bones) through her port. Her next scan probably won't be until next month, but she will have a mamogram the next time she goes to the doctor (Jan 30th). The thing she needs most right now is prayer.

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Prayer Prayer Prayer,
You've got it!