Tuesday, January 10, 2006

5 more weeks to go

Since we made it throught the first week, Jadyn has five weeks left to go in her cast.

I put another picture of Jadyn so you could see that she does indeed have two legs-- several you pointed out that you couldn't see the other leg in the other pictures.

Jess has been hesitant about taking Jadyn taking places, but it has worked out pretty well before. Jess took her to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) where Jadyn was able to into the baby room instead of kids her age. This worked great for Jadyn who does not like getting bumped in her cast which would have happened if she was with kids her own age. Jadyn liked being in there and Jess said the babies crawled up to her wheelchair to see her. The neatest thing that happened though was when Jess took her with a playgroup to a park playground. Jadyn giggled as she enjoyed watching the other kids play on the playground. Then she asked Jess to push her over to the playground, so she could be closer to the other kids. The ground was the spongy, rubbery stuff (not wood chips), so she was able to get there with ease. The other kids went right to her. Then the kids decided to play red light, green light with Jadyn. Jadyn got to be the one to say red light and green light. She loved it. After that she still found a way to be involved by doing things like giving kids high fives as they went down the slide. There are two things that touch my heart about this: one that Jadyn could play could be a part of the other kids playtime and the second is that they welcomed her.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Jadyn has two legs (smile) and enjoys the Leapster. Five weeks will go by in no time. Time to start planning that Valentines party!

Have a great week.
Aunt Janette

The Bangsunds said...

What wonderful news. We send our hugs and hope each day gets better.