Sunday, January 29, 2006

Our Little Ballerina

It's been almost a week since my last post. The long wait is courtesy of a four-day long migraine that is just starting to dissipate tonight. Thankfully I was able to make it through Thursday and Friday at school-- I really need to save my days for when Jessica and Jadyn have medical appointments. In fact, Jessa has several things going on tomorrow and I am taking the day off because of it. She is having a mamogram, two medicines in an infusion, and meeting with Dr. Euhus. I'll be watching the kids because it will be basically an all-day event for her.

Jadyn has been moving around really well. This is pretty amazing because she has no mobility in her legs or hips except for being able to bend one knee (the other one is casted). Imagine my surprise when I came home from work last week and I see Jadyn fully clad in dress up (a cheerleader outfit and a garland in her hair) twirl once and then walk toward me. She is now walking around completely unaided. While delighted that she has found a way to do the near impossible we are going to call the doctor tomorrow to see if she can continue to walk like this and not damage her hip.

We stopped co-leading a college bible study in December, but didn't start up anything new until tonight. I am really surprised that we are doing what we are doing. Back in December I told Jess that God gave me an idea but she would really hate it. She began to be really excited (a very unusual reaction I thought) and told me that she had an even worse idea that God had given her and I would hate even more than she hated mine. The thing is we both really like doing college group, but here's the thing: God gave us exactly the same idea and it involved stopping leading our college group. Our church has been doing more and more adult life groups (Sunday school groups that don't meet on Sunday mornings), but no one has done anything for kids. Tonight Jess and I did our first life group for our kids and two other sets of kids. It went very smooth and I am very thankful Katelyn was able to be a part: she was a HUGE help. As usual God has proven again in our lives that "He has an even better idea."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,
We will be thinking of you and praying for you during your procedures today. Keep us posted!

Aunt Janette