Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year

We have a busy week in store for us. We have been looking for a minivan for the last two weeks, but haven't found the great deal we're looking for yet. Time is running out so we plan on getting one tomorrow or the day after. Jadyn's surgery is Tuesday at noon. In order to fix her hip socket they are doing some darn right crazy things this time. The surgeon will cut the lower portion of her socket in half vertically and wrap around the leg bone. Then he will take off the top half of the hip socket and use it as a wedge in the middle to keep it in place. Amazingly, Dr. Johnston said it will be fine after 6 weeks in her spika cast. We are checking in at the hospital tomorrow night. Her surgery starts at 12:00 and will be finished about 3 (the surgery itself will be an hour and a half).

Even though 2005 was the hardest year of our lives, it has also been the most amazing. I'm excited about this coming year. Right now I'm thinking how in the world is God going to get us through 2006 and the coolest thing is that even though I don't know how-- I know he will. God bless all of you.


Anonymous said...

Jake and Jess- Keep on keepin on! I know that God will continue to sustain you through whatever may come your way. This is going to be a great year!

Anonymous said...

Happy and Healthy New Year!

We will be thinking of you and Jadyn, as well as the rest of your family during the surgery and recovery period. Just like her mom, Jadyn has a great outlook going into this, and that will see her through. Sign the cast for us!

All our love,
Uncle Gene, Aunt Janette, Ryan and Mark

The Bangsunds said...

We send you our love and prayers. We wish we were closer and could be of help duirng Jadyn's recovery.

Dave and Lynne