Sunday, January 15, 2006

Build a Bear Fun!

Today was a great day. We have been attending Saturday evening services now at our church, so our Sunday turned into wonderful (and much needed) family time. We took our time getting up, watched a movie and then headed to the mall. You might think that there is not much relaxing about going to the mall with three girls (one in a big wheelchair!) but we had a purpose. A precious Wood family gave the girls Build A Bear gift cards as a Valentine present. We headed straight for the store and had a blast. Each of the girls picked out an animal: Katelyn a boxer dog, Jadyn a Valentine heart bear, and Bryn a cuddly bunny. They got to put a heart in their animal, stuff it, give it a bath, pick out a fun outfit with accessories, and give it a name. They loved helping each other pick out just the right things for their new pet. We had a great time. Jake only got claustrophobic during the last few minutes and had to step outside as a birthday party was forming and it got quite crowded! We ended the afternoon with lunch at Johnny Rockets. It will be a good memory for us all.

I might be having a new side effect from the medicine I am having to take. Every once in a while, my feet will be very sore and it is painful to walk. It has happened just a few times, but it has made me remember to pray for that side effect to minimize and also to be thankful for the majority of times I am walking pain free! I will ask the doctor about it soon.


Anonymous said...

Haven't we been blessed with the best friends in the world? The Mardock family is one of many who love your family so much. I am in awe of the path the Lord has led us down lined with so many angels. I love you to heaven and back again a billion times plus one! (p.s. do you think a good Reflexology would help your feet? I guess I could volunteer to go with you!)

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

It should probably be an odd number, and not an even number that goes for Reflexology, let me know if you need a threesome!
Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

The more the merrier...make it four-you don't want anyone having to sit alone in the backseat on the way to the spa!
A jc