Thursday, January 5, 2006

Home from the Hospital

Well, the last twenty-four hours have not been what I planned, but on the other hand a lot has gotten done. I was planning on taking Jadyn home from the hospital last night. We got the OK from Dr. Johnston, but one thing kept us from leaving. After the nurse took Jadyn's catheter out, she said the only thing left was for Jadyn to go pee. After a few hours of not being able to go pee impatience turned into worry. Jadyn started crying because she couldn't go home yet. Then Jess started crying when she realized Jadyn wasn't going to be able to home that night. Jess ended leaving late that night to go spend the night with Katelyn and Bryn (two nights on a fold-out chair hadn't been good for her back). A very unhappy Jadyn fell asleep about an hour after Jess left. I stayed up watching the UT-USC game, but Jadyn still hadn't gone pee when I fell asleep right after the Longhorns won about 11:30. The nurse woke me up about midnight saying that there is a 10 hour time window from the time they take the catheter out until a patient uses the restroom. If it doesn't happen the catheter has to go back in. The first time it was put in while Jadyn was under, but it would not be the case this time. We had two hours to go. I tried to get her to drink more and ran the water in the sink. Jadyn was awake again and very unhappy again. At two the nurse came back and said she would have to put the catheter in. I asked her for some chocolate milk (which Jadyn said she would drink) and when she brought it to me she said she would give us a little more time. At three the nurse came back along with another nurse to help her put the catheter in. Jadyn had gone a teensy bit, but not enough. Jadyn requested white milk (another stall tactic and one I was thankful for). Finally, just before the absolutely had to put the catheter in Jadyn went pee. The trick that did it? I read Jadyn a story and before I turned each page she had to try and go pee. Jadyn didn't go to bed again until after the nurse gave her medicine at four, but when she went to sleep I was a very happy daddy. Jess called about eight and told me she couldn't hear me very well because my voice sounded funny. I guess a lack of sleep will do that to you. Jess had a treatment in Dallas (a herceptin treatment) the following morning, so picked us up on the way home. We found a minivan (thank you Uncle Mike), so as soon as we got home I put Jadyn on the couch and Jess stayed with her while went with Mike and picked it up. It took about two and half hours (maybe three) to get to Temple. By the time we signed papers and other stuff it was 6:30 when I got home. From there Jess and I went to Car Max to sell our car. It took a little longer than I thought we were done about 9:00. I've very much rambled, so here are some things I have left out. Thank you very much for praying for the right car, I believe we very much got that. It's a green 2000 Oldsmobile Silhoutte with 50,000 miles. Jadyn will be able to very comfortably fit in the middle row with her parachute-like-harness lying down and Bryn and Katelyn will have plenty of room in the back seat. It also enough room in the back for Jadyn's reclined wheel chair. The wheel chair was a huge blessing-- they didn't have one in her size until someone brought one back the day we needed it :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Mini-van world! We are glad everyone is home where they belong....only seven weeks to go!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Great news that Jadyn is home. We are praying for a quick recovery.

Love to all.


Amy Sayegh said...

It's good to have this behind you. Jadyn is a brave little girl, I guess she takes after her parents. I will pray, also for a quick recovery!
Amy Sayegh