Saturday, January 14, 2006

No Nightmares

The night before last Jadyn woke up in the middle of the night again. She was dreaming that a dog was biting her. Sherry (Dr. Johnston's wonderful nurse) told Jess over the phone that nighttime is often the most uncomfortable time for those in a spica cast. She said that most kids have a favorite sleeping position as they sleep and obviously that can't be done with Jadyn's type of cast. However, last night Jadyn had not trouble sleeping-- no nightmares!

Right now Jadyn is getting her toenails done again (good idea Aunt Janette). We have discovered lots of things she can do: tv, tv, and tv. Just kidding. Yesterday, when they were getting out of the car, Jadyn figured out how to unbuckle her multi-buckle car harness and "sat up" (as much as possible on her own). She also discovered legos-- which a kind person dropped off for her. She, Jadyn, and Katelyn all had fun making things. The neatest thing was when it was time to clean up. Jadyn scooted herself around picking up all the pieces. She went to the indoor playground at the Parks Mall and had fun playing with the kids. I guess there's not much a smart and determined child won't overcome.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the toenails! What color today?

What Mark does when he has a nightmare is to 'blow' them away, works very well, for him at least.

Have a great weekend, we are thinking of you!
Aunt Janette AND Aunt Sandy

p.s. I downloaded the pictures from Aunt Sandy's camera of your San Antonio Spa getaway with your mom - nice bathtub!