Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Jadyn's surgery

Jadyn's surgery went really well today with no complications. Her cast is a pink one. It starts a few inches above her belly button and goes down to her legs. On the left side it streches all the way to her ankle and on the right down to her knee. Her legs are spread apart with a bar joining them. Her permanent position is practically laying down; it's very similar to lying down in a recliner. She was pretty sleepy for several hours after surgery, but after that she wanted to watch some movies, play cards, etc. Her attitude was an answer to prayer. The first time she had her hips worked on two and half years ago she was furious and very, very upset after she woke up from the anesthesia.Jess is spending the night again there while I stay home with Katelyn and Bryn tonight. I've taken off work the rest of the week, so I should be able to help out quite a bit with Jadyn. We took some pictures of Jadyn which I am hoping to post on the blog tomorrow night. If you're in a praying mood, please pray that Jess and I buy the right minivan soon.


Anonymous said...

you are such a wonderful dad and husband Jake. You will find the right minivan and soon.

Bangsund said...

So glad the surgery went well for Jayden...we send our love and prayers.

Dave and Lynne

Anonymous said...

I am praying for the right minivan
Pat Cooper

Anonymous said...

Jake, you and Jessica have been in our daily prayers at each meal ever since we learned about your situation from our son. The van we delivered to you today had belonged to one of the most loving, prayerful and wonderful women I've ever know. Just knowing her last possession can be of help to you and yours is very comforting to both of us.