Monday, January 2, 2006

Surgery Tomorrow

Without using words, Jadyn told us she is scared of having surgery tomorrow. She didn't eat breakfast (which she always does). She didn't want to do "homework" (doing reading or math in a workbook) which she always wants to do in fact I have to tell her "that's enough now" or she'll want to do it forever. Last, she didn't want her hugs tonight before bed. That's when she asks for three different types of hugs like a bubble hug or a butterfly hug. In fact she wasn't herself all day. On the up side she was very excited about her room at the hospital. It's not often that she gets her own room complete with phone and bathroom. Jess and Jadyn are spending the night there tonight and I and my mother-in-love will drive to Scottish Rite Hospital tomorrow morning in plenty of time for the surgery at 12:00. Jadyn's room is 307.

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