Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Four to go, make it five

We've been counting down the weeks until Jadyn gets her cast off, but hadn't officially got her appointment. Turns out it will be a week later then we thought it would be. We've made it two weeks, so we have five more to go. Every day gets easier though. This week Jadyn and Bryn have learned to play together again. While the three of us put together a puzzle on the floor, Jadyn was on her tummy so she could reach the pieces. Bryn could have reached the pieces just fine sitting up, but she wanted to get on her tummy just like Jadyn. They do still fight more than they did before the cast, but last night as they were going to sleep I overheard Jadyn tell Bryn you're my best friend.

Jess heard from the doctor about her feet. Since her feet hurting is a side effect of the oral chemo, Dr. Haley told her she could stop taking the medicine. However, since she would stop taking the medicine anyway on Friday (for her week off), Jess is going to tough it out until then.

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