Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm annoying!

I have been feeling much better over the last two days. Katelyn's Grandma Martinez and friend Judy came for a visit. We saw them yesterday and will again today. We have all had a good time visiting! I will post pictures later.

I was trying to talk to Bryn about what I wanted her to do, probably clean her mess, but I can't recall. Bryn went running to her room, and yelled back, "I'm annoying!" I said, "What??" "I'm annoying!" she said again. Jake and I looked puzzled and then realized she was saying "I'm ignoring!" Either way, I say ignoring me is pretty annoying, but pretty funny too!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vacation Bible School

This past week we all had a fun time at Vacation Bible School. Jadyn and Bryn attended, and Katelyn and I helped teach. Katelyn was in with the three year olds. She is such a good helper. The adults in her room were so thankful to have her and I know the children had a fun week. I was with 3rd grade crafts. We have four 3rd grade classes that come to us each day to do a fun craft. We have back-to-back classes, but we have a lot of fun. I get the opportunity to work with some of my very good friends. And, this year I got the special treat of having my mother work with me. The theme was “Game Day”, a sports theme. We talked about heroes and how we can be a hero for God.

I had chemo Thursday, and now I have a week off. I don't have to go back until July 5th! It is a welcome break. This round was harder on me than the past two. I know they have a cumulative effect, but I am not too sure that I don’t have a little stomach bug mixed in for good measure. It is hard to tell.

My favorite story happened Saturday and it might be hard to retell. I was relaxing at my grandma's house in the afternoon, due to the before mentioned not feeling well. It was getting pretty hot in her living room and several of us that were there all took turns fiddling with the air conditioning control unit. It did not seem to be clicking on at all. We would hold the button down to lower the temp. We would press every button on the high tech control panel, but nothing happened. My grandma said that she always has problems with it, and she wishes that controls were easier to maneuver. We finally gave up and headed to a back bedroom where they have a different, and working, unit. I said that I thought she should have someone come out to look at it, and while they were there, she should go ahead and have it replaced. Grandma said so calmly, "Well, it's only 4 or 5 years old." She thought I meant to replace the whole unit; I wanted her to replace the control panel with something easier for her!!! I could hardly contain myself, with grandma thinking that I thought she should replace her air conditioning unit costing thousands of dollars after only 4 years :)

Laughter is often the best medicine. I promise I felt better after laughing so hard!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Records and Wackos

I had chemo today without issue. My counts were in the low range of normal. I will have my sister Hope give me the shots at home Friday and Saturday afternoon to boost my red blood count. I'll let you know how it goes.

We had a good day of running errands and dentist appointments...

We also had a good dinner with a friend and his fiancé. We ate at a Hibachi restaurant where the chef chops, cooks, and entertains you at your table. The girls have a lot of fun at these restaurants, only Bryn is a little frightened with the large fire displays. I can see why. We have preached at the girls their whole lives to not play with matches, and stay away from the stove and oven. Yet, here we are clapping along to a fire display just one foot in front of us!

We always read a story to the girls at bedtime. It was Jadyn's turn to pick a story and she came in with a well loved (used) version of Snow White. A few years ago, Jake's mom sent him a bunch of his old books, and I am sure this was one of them. Anyway, this happened to be an old book on tape, or more accurately, book on record. Jadyn came walking in with the strange, large, flat, black object in her hand. "What is this??" she asked us. We told her it is a record (a '45') which is like a CD that plays music and tells the story of Snow White. Jadyn repeated, "A record?" Bryn tried out the new word, "A wack-o?" No, a in we were wacko to think records would last forever, and wonder how long CD's will last. Can mommy say Blue Ray disk?

Technology is passing me by...


If anyone has recently spoken to me on the phone, they think I have just woken up! That is because I am losing my voice and very hoarse, I think due to a cold. Yuck! It's hard not to talk so much. Actually, I don't think I have slowed down to much in the talking department; people just have to listen harder to hear me!

I go for chemo this afternoon. I am hoping that my counts are high enough for treatment and my cold has not affected things too much.

Also, I started back on my pain patch (I was able to stop all pain meds earlier) to see if my limp would improve. I don’t think it has, but I will give it a little more time to work.

Jadyn was mad at me yesterday. I am sure it was for a good reason, but I can't recall at the moment. We had just played the "I love" in the morning (i.e. I love you to the moon; I love you to heaven and back...) and so when we were in the car later in the afternoon, Jadyn said "I am mad at you all the way to Mars!" I tried not to laugh at her sweet self! Then, she continued "Right now, I am rolling my eyes at you a lot!" I lost it! We all started laughing. I guess being in the back row of the van, she wanted me to know just how mad she was. My very verbal, emotional, sensitive, beautiful Jadyn!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Feeling great

Well, here we are on Sunday and I am feeling very good! Usually when I have chemo on Thursdays... Saturdays and Sundays are sluggish, yucky days. But, this weekend was nice. A direct benefit of fervent prayer! I was able to get insurance aproval to take shots at home. This week after chemo, I will be able to give myself red blood cell boosting shots instead of traveling to Dallas just for a shot.

We had a fun visit with Jake's mom who had a few days layover in the area. The girls enjoyed catching up. Grandma Satterlee brought the girls beads and stretchy string and they were entertained for hours...days even!

Katelyn finally got back from her (6th grade) D.C. trip. We all missed her terribly. She had a blast. Here are a few pictures from her Aunt Sandy who got to go too. I have Katelyn's pictures being developed now, however I can be rest assured that half of her multiple rolls of film involve people sleeping, random squirrels, and hotel room antics.

We have another fun week coming up. I hope you do too!!
Take care,

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Doctor today

Today my Aunt Jacque went with me to the doctor! I loved having her along and catching up. We NEVER get to talk without the patter of little feet under foot!

Dr. Hayley said good news on the scan results…no new spots! She is always pleased when there is no growth in my organs. She saw minimal growth in my hip, and the other spots in my bone were still there, but remain unchanged. I went ahead and had a round of chemo this afternoon, my 4th. Because my counts are not high enough to treat with chemo for too long, I will get to have shots to boost my blood cells after round 5+. The good news is that these shots can be administered at home. I will probably ask my sister Hope to come over and give them to me (thanks nurse Hope!).

Dr. Hayley also took two vials of blood for another test called a circulating tumor marking test. She will get a baseline today and repeat with I see her in one month. She can then see if the markers are going up or down. From what I can tell, if they go down, we will continue on the same treatment. If they go up, we will reassess.

I have had a good last few days. I had fun swimming with Jadyn and Bryn early in the week and realized that I have a lot more mobility in the water. I will have to do this more often, as it felt good to play so much with them and be so active. We take little things for granted...

Jake's mom is coming into town late tonight and gets to stay for a short visit until Saturday. We are excited to see her!

Have a good weekend,

Sunday, June 3, 2007

One more...

Okay, I realized that in an effort of fairness to all my precious girls, I should post a recent picture of Jadyn and Bryn. These were taken at a Hawaiian dress up day at church. They sang a few songs, and as always, posed for the camera!

Family, friends, and 'doubba-ya' too!

I know I told you that Katelyn "graduated" from elementary school, but I did not have time to post pictures. She got a little sad with her friend Katie. Then, there is a picture with a great group of her best friends. The last photo is of Corbin, Katelyn, Mrs. White (assistant principal) and Aunt Sandy (principal).

We have had a good week. I actually had a week off chemo due to a miss-count on my part. I am an English major, not math! Actually, the week I had to skip because my counts were low, I later found out, still counted as round 2. So, I was supposed to have this week off all along. It was a mixed blessing because I still had to make the trek to Dallas for radiation. I have decided that radiation wipes me out. I have very little energy. However, I now feel like I am on the upswing. The other blessing is that I did not have to have radiation (feeling tired) and chemo (feeling sick) on the same week!

Okay, enough about that. This week, was filled with time with family and friends. We had a fun Memorial Day cookout with our family. Then, I got to see my favorite babies Jace and Ella Tuesday. They are growing so quickly. Actually, Ella still looks smaller than my children were when they were born, but she is still growing! Jace looks like he could just sit right up, even though he is still so young. In this picture, the moms are holding each other's babies (in case that was not incredibly obvious!)

This weekend, one of my best friends from high school came into town. Nicole is a wonderful, inspiring artist and some of her work was opening in a Dallas art gallery. This work focuses on the Salton Sea in California. I am so proud of her! I was able to go to the opening Friday night, and then took the family to meet her and her mom for breakfast Sunday.

An interesting story of how I found Nicole, as we haven't seen each other for 8 years. I felt this urge to track her down and went to and searched for her name. I did not have a "gold membership" (racket) to make any contact. So, I tried a few other ways without luck and decided her email was definitely worth the 3-month subscription price. Although I abhor the process classmates lures you into, I love that we reconnected. Growing up, I always had one or two close friends. (It's hard for me to understand my 12 year old Katelyn having dozens of pretty close friends!) Not me, though. I had many friends in different circles, but I spent the majority of my time with Nicole and Jennifer. I cherish our memories. I know that we will keep in contact. Here is a picture we took Sunday.

The other day, we were in the car and Jadyn was reprimanding Bryn on how to say "W". She said, "Bryn, don't say 'double-u', say 'doubba-ya'!" I started cracking up, which the girls do not like at all. When I could contain myself, I told Bryn that either way was okay! Jadyn said that she hears people say 'doubba-ya' all the time! Only in Texas :)

Have a good week!