Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vacation Bible School

This past week we all had a fun time at Vacation Bible School. Jadyn and Bryn attended, and Katelyn and I helped teach. Katelyn was in with the three year olds. She is such a good helper. The adults in her room were so thankful to have her and I know the children had a fun week. I was with 3rd grade crafts. We have four 3rd grade classes that come to us each day to do a fun craft. We have back-to-back classes, but we have a lot of fun. I get the opportunity to work with some of my very good friends. And, this year I got the special treat of having my mother work with me. The theme was “Game Day”, a sports theme. We talked about heroes and how we can be a hero for God.

I had chemo Thursday, and now I have a week off. I don't have to go back until July 5th! It is a welcome break. This round was harder on me than the past two. I know they have a cumulative effect, but I am not too sure that I don’t have a little stomach bug mixed in for good measure. It is hard to tell.

My favorite story happened Saturday and it might be hard to retell. I was relaxing at my grandma's house in the afternoon, due to the before mentioned not feeling well. It was getting pretty hot in her living room and several of us that were there all took turns fiddling with the air conditioning control unit. It did not seem to be clicking on at all. We would hold the button down to lower the temp. We would press every button on the high tech control panel, but nothing happened. My grandma said that she always has problems with it, and she wishes that controls were easier to maneuver. We finally gave up and headed to a back bedroom where they have a different, and working, unit. I said that I thought she should have someone come out to look at it, and while they were there, she should go ahead and have it replaced. Grandma said so calmly, "Well, it's only 4 or 5 years old." She thought I meant to replace the whole unit; I wanted her to replace the control panel with something easier for her!!! I could hardly contain myself, with grandma thinking that I thought she should replace her air conditioning unit costing thousands of dollars after only 4 years :)

Laughter is often the best medicine. I promise I felt better after laughing so hard!


Anonymous said...

That is so mom (grandma)!! She probably did mean the whole thing, but with everyone laughing, changed her story. Don't worry, Gene will be there in a couple of weeks to show her once again how to work it ( =.

Jess, Jacque and I thought of something, we are going to be in Broken Bow on 7/11,with I doubt, a 7-11 in sight. You might to break Jake into this soon!

Love to all,

Kristin said...

I love the pictures of your cute girls. I love that Katelyn helped with VBS. She is such a godly young girl. Those lucky three year olds!!!!