Thursday, June 14, 2007

Records and Wackos

I had chemo today without issue. My counts were in the low range of normal. I will have my sister Hope give me the shots at home Friday and Saturday afternoon to boost my red blood count. I'll let you know how it goes.

We had a good day of running errands and dentist appointments...

We also had a good dinner with a friend and his fiancé. We ate at a Hibachi restaurant where the chef chops, cooks, and entertains you at your table. The girls have a lot of fun at these restaurants, only Bryn is a little frightened with the large fire displays. I can see why. We have preached at the girls their whole lives to not play with matches, and stay away from the stove and oven. Yet, here we are clapping along to a fire display just one foot in front of us!

We always read a story to the girls at bedtime. It was Jadyn's turn to pick a story and she came in with a well loved (used) version of Snow White. A few years ago, Jake's mom sent him a bunch of his old books, and I am sure this was one of them. Anyway, this happened to be an old book on tape, or more accurately, book on record. Jadyn came walking in with the strange, large, flat, black object in her hand. "What is this??" she asked us. We told her it is a record (a '45') which is like a CD that plays music and tells the story of Snow White. Jadyn repeated, "A record?" Bryn tried out the new word, "A wack-o?" No, a in we were wacko to think records would last forever, and wonder how long CD's will last. Can mommy say Blue Ray disk?

Technology is passing me by...


Anonymous said...

You and me both (re: technology). Thank goodness for your Dad- he helped Sarah Jane with i-pod stuff!!

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, technology is passing us by while we sit and type blogs and comments on our Apple wireless laptops.

I tried to explain to the boys when Star Wars first came out that there were no cellular phones, or cordless phones for that matter.

And now here I sit with my pick i-pod - all for a cause!

Enjoy your weekend, and happy fathers day to Jake.

Love, Janette

Mil said...

So now I really feel old as I fondly remember records that were 78's. Up until a few years ago, one of our telephones was still a rotary (talk about prehistoric). I can remember when one of the girls had a friend over and she wanted to call her mom....She was clueless about how to dial a rotary phone. Sounds like you're feeling well and that's great news. Try giving yourself the shot....Elizabeth refused to let any of us "stick" her....thought we might enjoy it too much :) Say Hi to mom and grandma for me.

Amy said...

I grew up listening to my grandmother's records of old musicals like "My Fair Lady" and "South Pacific." I thought watching the record drop and the needle-arm thing move to exactly the right spot was the coolest thing ever. Nothing an ipod can do tops that...except provide me with my entire CD collection in one's a toss up.

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I truly enjoyed it. I must say I am truly amazed at your courage and spirit! You go Girl!!! I am impressed. I offer up this....I have a (little) experience in giving shots. If you ever need someone to do that for you, I'll do my best. See you soon....Cyndie (Shelley's mom/aka MiMi)