Thursday, June 14, 2007


If anyone has recently spoken to me on the phone, they think I have just woken up! That is because I am losing my voice and very hoarse, I think due to a cold. Yuck! It's hard not to talk so much. Actually, I don't think I have slowed down to much in the talking department; people just have to listen harder to hear me!

I go for chemo this afternoon. I am hoping that my counts are high enough for treatment and my cold has not affected things too much.

Also, I started back on my pain patch (I was able to stop all pain meds earlier) to see if my limp would improve. I don’t think it has, but I will give it a little more time to work.

Jadyn was mad at me yesterday. I am sure it was for a good reason, but I can't recall at the moment. We had just played the "I love" in the morning (i.e. I love you to the moon; I love you to heaven and back...) and so when we were in the car later in the afternoon, Jadyn said "I am mad at you all the way to Mars!" I tried not to laugh at her sweet self! Then, she continued "Right now, I am rolling my eyes at you a lot!" I lost it! We all started laughing. I guess being in the back row of the van, she wanted me to know just how mad she was. My very verbal, emotional, sensitive, beautiful Jadyn!


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Anonymous said...

Reminds me when you all where here for our wedding and Gene and I were going through the seating chart. We got into a fight (I wanted my family to be with the fun people!!) and I took off my ring and threw it at him. He didn't notice, so I had to pick it up and throw it at him again.

14 years later.....

Hope all went well today. I will talk to you soon.

Love, Janette