Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm annoying!

I have been feeling much better over the last two days. Katelyn's Grandma Martinez and friend Judy came for a visit. We saw them yesterday and will again today. We have all had a good time visiting! I will post pictures later.

I was trying to talk to Bryn about what I wanted her to do, probably clean her mess, but I can't recall. Bryn went running to her room, and yelled back, "I'm annoying!" I said, "What??" "I'm annoying!" she said again. Jake and I looked puzzled and then realized she was saying "I'm ignoring!" Either way, I say ignoring me is pretty annoying, but pretty funny too!


Sarah said...

The more I read the story about Bryn, the funnier it gets! Right now I'm recovering from a fit of giggles. Glad you're feeling a lot better.

Anonymous said...

So glad you and your Mom got to be together for VBS. Sounds like you are doing great and I am very proud of you. Keep the faith and keep strong.

Nancy Oakley
(friend of your Mom)

Anonymous said...

Not rain, flooding, or even "annoying ignoring" could spoil our visit. I am honored to have spent time with your incredible family. Thank you so much.
Judy (Friend of Grandma Martinez)