Sunday, June 3, 2007

Family, friends, and 'doubba-ya' too!

I know I told you that Katelyn "graduated" from elementary school, but I did not have time to post pictures. She got a little sad with her friend Katie. Then, there is a picture with a great group of her best friends. The last photo is of Corbin, Katelyn, Mrs. White (assistant principal) and Aunt Sandy (principal).

We have had a good week. I actually had a week off chemo due to a miss-count on my part. I am an English major, not math! Actually, the week I had to skip because my counts were low, I later found out, still counted as round 2. So, I was supposed to have this week off all along. It was a mixed blessing because I still had to make the trek to Dallas for radiation. I have decided that radiation wipes me out. I have very little energy. However, I now feel like I am on the upswing. The other blessing is that I did not have to have radiation (feeling tired) and chemo (feeling sick) on the same week!

Okay, enough about that. This week, was filled with time with family and friends. We had a fun Memorial Day cookout with our family. Then, I got to see my favorite babies Jace and Ella Tuesday. They are growing so quickly. Actually, Ella still looks smaller than my children were when they were born, but she is still growing! Jace looks like he could just sit right up, even though he is still so young. In this picture, the moms are holding each other's babies (in case that was not incredibly obvious!)

This weekend, one of my best friends from high school came into town. Nicole is a wonderful, inspiring artist and some of her work was opening in a Dallas art gallery. This work focuses on the Salton Sea in California. I am so proud of her! I was able to go to the opening Friday night, and then took the family to meet her and her mom for breakfast Sunday.

An interesting story of how I found Nicole, as we haven't seen each other for 8 years. I felt this urge to track her down and went to and searched for her name. I did not have a "gold membership" (racket) to make any contact. So, I tried a few other ways without luck and decided her email was definitely worth the 3-month subscription price. Although I abhor the process classmates lures you into, I love that we reconnected. Growing up, I always had one or two close friends. (It's hard for me to understand my 12 year old Katelyn having dozens of pretty close friends!) Not me, though. I had many friends in different circles, but I spent the majority of my time with Nicole and Jennifer. I cherish our memories. I know that we will keep in contact. Here is a picture we took Sunday.

The other day, we were in the car and Jadyn was reprimanding Bryn on how to say "W". She said, "Bryn, don't say 'double-u', say 'doubba-ya'!" I started cracking up, which the girls do not like at all. When I could contain myself, I told Bryn that either way was okay! Jadyn said that she hears people say 'doubba-ya' all the time! Only in Texas :)

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the update. It is amazing how quick our kids grow up, from you, all the way down to Ella. Thanks for posting the pictures, it is great to see the progress.

I love the Jadyn - Bryn story. When Mark and Ryan are there during July, I wonder, if they will pick up 'Texan', or the other kids will pick up 'New York', or a combo of both? Gene still says I pronounce 'dull' and 'dole' the same way, along with a few others. Oh well, guess you can take the girl from Texas, but can't take Texas out of the girl, thank God!

Hope all goes well this week with the treatments.

Love, Janette

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess- you had me in really smiling as I read your "w" story. It was great you had a nice visit with your Dad and Cindy at the airport in Dallas last week. I so hope you get some relief soon from your hip continue in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Lynne