Saturday, May 26, 2007


Thursday, I had my first radiation treatment, followed by Friday's second treatment. I also had high enough counts to have my second round of chemo on Thursday as well. I have never had chemo and radiation on the same day, and I felt surprisingly good. A little tired with an upset stomach, but nothing too bad. I have a long Memorial Day weekend off, and then radiation Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have my third round of chemo Wednesday. Are you tired of the schedule?? Me too! But then, I will be off. No more radiation, and one whole week off chemo! I can feel the relief already!

Katelyn's 6th grade graduation Thursday night was great, and school is now out. I will post some pictures later.

Much love,


Amy said...

Wowza, Sister! We are glad to hear that your counts were high, but radiation and chemo together sounds crazy. We will praying that God will sustain you and give you the energy you need to glorify Him in the midst of all this.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout

Kristin said...

Praise the Lord that you were feeling good after all that. We will keep praying for more positive reports. Give that junior higher of yours a hug from me.