Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two appointments

I went to see Dr. Hayley on Thursday. Jake came too. I was able to communicate clearly about my hip pain. I think what hit home was I said that in two years of treatment, I have never not been able to do what I wanted to do/go where I wanted to go...I know that I have been sick with chemo, but within several days, I was back to my normal routine. With this hip pain, I have made choices not to do something because I did not think I could walk that far, or manage well enough, etc.

So, Dr. Hayley answered. First, she wants me to go back to the radiation oncologist to get some targeted radiation that will help with pain management. She told me to double up on my pain patch when necessary and continue to take pain pills for break-through pain. Finally, she gave me the proper documentation and prescription to get a handicapped placard. Not something I am jumping up and down for, but something that will help me get to what I want to do more easily.

I went to see the radiation oncologist, Dr. Spangler, Friday. She ordered a new PET scan next week (the earliest they could get me in was Friday) and then she scheduled the pre-radiation CT the following Monday. Depending on the PET scan, she will do a 10-day, 4-day or possibly 1-day radiation treatment. I am hoping for the 4 or 1 day!! I will do what they want, but it sure sounds nice to just make half the number of trips for the same treatment. We'll soon see. I know they will do what is best. I am just relieved to start something I think will help my pain.

As far as following the doctor's other advice, I doubled up the pain patch Friday morning. I noticed that later in the evening, I was very tired and a little dizzy. We'll see if I get used to the increased medicine. I also will go to get my handicapped sign Monday. I have started using my grandmother's cane to get around the house, and I took it even out of the house today. It does help. I have come to the realization that I draw attention to myself with a funny limp, and with a cane. I might as well be a little more comfortable!

Several big blessings have made our family relax a little more together this weekend: Mark Cooper (whose wife Pat works with Jake) has been doing our lawn for the last few weeks. We came home from treatment Thursday to he and a youth worker at his church working hard on our (now) beautiful yard! Also, several meals have come our way from precious friends and Jake's coworkers this past week. What a relief it is to come home not knowing about dinner (and not hungry at all myself) to a meal for my family!! Then, on Friday someone arranged for my house to be sparkling clean. We are trying to keep it that way! It is so much easier to keep something clean that is already spotless!! What awesome provision all around us!

To all moms, Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!!


Sarah said...

I'm not surprised you're turning heads -- it's not that everyone hasn't seen a cane before, just not a cane with such a beautiful woman attached to it!

I hope that the radiation treatments help ease the pain soon.

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Jess -- I am so glad you have Dr. Hayley...she sounds like she really heard what you had to say...and there is a plan set out to attack and lessen your hip pain. It's great you got the sticker RX for your car -- that is probably long over due.
Enjoy your family today!!! How wonderful that you are so supported by family and friends in Arlington. With love, Lynne

Mil said...

Hope your Mothers Day was special Jess (as well as a good day for your mother and grandmother)..
I wonder at your being able to do all that you do, inspite of your hip pain. I had a touch of sciatica a few weeks ago, and you would have thought I was an invalid. I pray that the pain subsides as soon as the radiation starts (or even sooner). My best to the Texas group from one of your New York fans.

Beth Stewart said...

Thank you for sharing your many blessings with us. I enjoy reading about how God continues to bless you through others. I hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!


Amy said...

We continue to pray and wish we were there to bring a meal and play with the Yikes. We don't do yard work. :-)
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout