Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fun Days

We have been keeping busy at the Kaylor house lately.

Friday, Katelyn had her 6th grade party. It was a great time at a local park with an obstacle course inflatable, a spinning ride, a button maker, lots of junk food and fun time with friends. It turned out to be the prettiest weather we had all week. Katelyn said it was the best party ever! Just the words you want to hear after lots of hard work preparing! It's funny how several glitches made us (adults) squirm, but the kids just love what they have been given. Reason enough to not sweat the small stuff. "Aunt" Principal Sandy is in the middle of the first picture with Katelyn making a horrible face with her friends. We took a big 6th grade group picture before they all headed back to school. Katelyn is all smiles in the last picture taken with some of her closest friends.

Sunday, I had a wonderful time at the 3rd annual Mother's Day Brunch. Two of my wonderful friends, Shelley and Alyson along with their moms, and my mom and I, went to a local tearoom. This is the third year we have been doing this! Each year, it seems like so little time has passed, yet here we year later. We had such a nice time catching up, talking and laughing. I am looking forward to next year already. (However, we talked about switching it to a bi-annual affair!) From the left is Shelley, Alyson, Shelley's mom, Alyson's mom, followed by myself and my mom.

Today, Katelyn had a rehearsal for 6th grade graduation!! She got her yearbook and had her last full day of school. I can't believe that she has finished grade school. It has been an amazingly fast blur. Jadyn is so excited about coming to Wood next year. Also, this afternoon, Katelyn and a few friends gave a big "good-bye" gift basket to one of her favorite teachers at Wood, Kristen Lewis. Each year, Katelyn has been blessed with so many awesome teachers. She connected in an amazing way with Kristen and it came at an influential year for Katie. Mrs. Lewis will be leaving Wood to stay home with her beautiful new baby girl, Laney, whom she adopted from Taiwan just this past January. The basket was filled with fun things for Mrs. Lewis to do with Laney this summer. Katelyn is on the far right, standing by Mrs. Lewis.

Katelyn's 6th grade graduation is tomorrow evening. I am so excited that the teacher's moved it to the evening (it was scheduled for the morning) so that Jake can attend. It will be so special for the kids. Katelyn has a beautiful dress to wear and she is going to get her hair curled after school with a few friends. A funny thing has happened. Two months ago, Katelyn got her hair chemically straightened. Although she loves it day-to-day and has an easy time doing her hair in the morning, I can't even count how many times she had worked and worked to make it curly-Q again. I do not think we will be going the chemical route again. I also think that when her hair grows out, she will have a new appreciation for her thick, beautiful curls.

Jadyn had splash day at school today. She was very excited to wear her new camo swimsuit to school. She even wanted to sleep in it. My aunt said she wished she loved herself in a swimsuit so much that she wanted to sleep in it. Touché'.

I had such a blessed day today when my sister Hope came over with her baby Ella Grace and my cousin Mandy came with her son, Jace. My grandma and aunt Pam made the play date too. I loved every minute of this family time. We are going to continue the tradition all summer! Jace is growing so much and he looks huge alongside Ella at not even 7 lbs!! It is pretty easy to tell the difference between the babies, but: the first picture is Jace. The next are Jadyn, Bryn and I with Ella, and then Mandy and Hope with their own little ones, finally, my grandma is holding Jace on the left and Ella on the right.

Okay, aside from today, I will have gone to the doctor in Dallas EVERY day this week. Have I mentioned that the cost of gas is over $3.00!! I have been poked and prodded, marked with pen, asked to be still, hold my breath, put my arms above my head, by my side, across my chest, drink milky liquids, etc.... now I don't even bat an eye at there instructions. I just follow along. I will get the results soon. I am grateful for the doctors and the tools they use to help guide my treatment. Preliminary PET results showed bone tumor growth on my hip. This is not surprising-- as many of you know I am in enough pain to banish all pride and walk with a cane. It helps so much to put a little pressure off my hip. I am fine knowing about the growth because tomorrow I will have radiation to diminish, or as I like to say, eliminate the pain. I want them to get all of it, even the part that is growing. If we had not had the scan, she would have radiated a much smaller part. I will find out tomorrow how many radiation treatments I will get, but it will most likely be 4-5. Tomorrow I have chemo as well. You can pray that my counts are high enough that I can withstand treatment this time.

Wow, thanks for listening.
Take care,

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Kristin said...

Why have I not been visiting your blog EVERY DAY!!!! I am so excited about another way of keeping up with your sweet family!!!! I love the picture from my baby basket shower :) (i couldn't open it on my computer at school)
I am going to miss my morning hugs from your sweet girl so much! Gonna have to find a way to sneak some time in with her on a regular basis!!!!