Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's been going on... A LOT!

Hi there!

Pictures explain my busy days...Katelyn had her field day and cluster track within the last week. Field day is with just her 6th grade class, competing against the other four home room classes. Cluster is her whole 6th grade competing against two other elementary schools that will feed into Bloes Junior High next year. Both were fun events. Katelyn did very well...she must get her athletic gene from someone else! She and her relay team won first place in the 800 relay and Katelyn earned ribbons in almost every other event she participated in. Most of all, she had a great time. Jadyn will have a Pre-K field day a week from tomorrow. I will be sure to post that fun event too! The pictures below are of Katelyn and her Aunt (Principal!) Sandy, Katelyn doing her field day events, with her friends, and lastly, with her cousin Corbin.

This weekend, Katelyn's volleyball team, the Blackouts, participated in an end of the season tournament. They won one game and lost another, so they will play again this coming weekend. We did not know if Saturday would be the end of the season for the kids or not, and so we went ahead and planned a little end of season party/lunch with all the girls. They were undefeated in the regular season and have improved greatly individually and as a team over the last few months. They will all probably be trying out for their junior high team on the very first day of school in August!

My Dad was in from Portland, OR this weekend. It was very fun having him in town. He got to help out with all the different events and even got to be here for Bryn's birthday party. I told Katelyn that I did not have any pictures of her with Grandpa Bob, but she was too tired to get up when she was saying goodbye to Grandpa at 6:30 in the Monday morning. I was not too tired to get a great picture of Grandpa holding hands with Jadyn and Bryn. When Jadyn saw this picture, she said, "Hey! I did not know you were taking a picture that day!" I told her that those kinds of pictures are the best kind!

Bryn had a great time at her 4th birthday party. We invited her Froggy Pre-K class at Fielder Road as well as family and a few close friends from church with children Bryn's age. We went to the carousel at the local mall. The kid total reached 42!! Amazingly, it went quite smoothly. Bryn lasted the entire party without any tears. In fact, she was all smiles! The following pictures were taken at the party. Sandy is holding our newest family member, Jace Michael Kirwan. Parents Mandy and Jeremy are so proud of him. We are too...he is SO cute!!

I have been feeling better as far as nausea and side effects from chemo. This weekend is usually my hardest time, and yet, it was not that bad! That is a big praise! I have stayed on top of all my symptoms and taken medicine quickly. This seems to have helped. The biggest issue is I am tired. Some from chemo, some from the medicine's side effects. However, as you can see from the long post and pictures, anyone might be tired after a week like this!

My biggest complaint, if I am going to admit to one, is my hip. I am now walking with a definite limp, and I walk fairly slowly at that! I want the chemo to kick in faster and start attacking those tumor spots with greater vengeance. My oncologist calls it systemic therapy, and she thinks this is the greatest method of attack for me. I see Dr. Hayley on the 11th. Jake is going to get to come with me to that appointment as well. I am going to ask her about more pain management ideas, as well as radiation and any other alternative therapies she knows of to help both fight the cancer and help me day to day.

When my Dad was here, he slept on a new air mattress in the living room. He kept most of his things in the girl's room where he has slept in the past. On the last day dad was here, he walked into Bryn and Jadyn's room to both say goodnight and gather some things. Dad said to the girls he would get his stuff now so that he would not have to bother them at night. Jadyn said, "That's okay Grandpa. You can come bother us anytime!" We all thought that was so sweet! We love everyone's visits...anytime!

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Anonymous said...

OK Jess, you forgot to mention that beautiful baby is your new cousin (my great nephew) Jace, and that adorable boy with beautiful Katelyn is her cousin (your cousin, my nephew, Shawn's son) Corbin. Now that I have everyone confused....

Thanks for the update and pictures. It helps me, as well as all of us, feel included. I agree with you, Katelyn did not get her athletic ability from your McNutt side!

Please talk to the doctor about your pain, there has to be something that will help - in addition to all of the many prayers from us.

Thinking of you, and thanks for the smiles.

Love, Janette

jessica said...

Thanks Janette...I went back a labeled a few pictures on the post! Love you,

Amy said...

It is so fun to "participate" in your lives via the blog. We can hardly believe that little Bryn is four. Time certainly does fly. We will continue to pray that the God of all comfort will be your comfort and that He will grant your doctors wisdom especially in the area of pain management.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout