Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Having Fun

Katelyn decided to help Jadyn learn to skate this weekend. Jadyn was a little nervous, so Katelyn took away most of the risk with head to toe padding! Jadyn crept along at a snails pace, but none of that mattered when you see her beaming smile--so proud of her accomplishment.

Bryn played her first soccer game Saturday! She has watched her sister Katelyn play for four years, and she has even practiced with Jadyn's team this past season. So, she was elated to begin her soccer career with the low-key 4 game season at our church's Rec league.

A little update on me: I saw Dr. Euhus yesterday. He was very pleased how my post-surgery has gone. I told him I was still experiencing some pain and he increased my pain patch; he actually doubled it. So far, I have not noticed much difference. Hopefully, I will soon. I asked his advise on my lymphodema and he convinced me that I did not need any treatment at this time. He took his own measurements and found no swelling at all. He attributed the tightening of my arm to a common post surgery symptom that will fade soon. I am willing to cut any appointments that are unnecessary! I completely trust Dr. Euhus, so I am very comfortable with this decision.

I have one more chemo Friday, followed by one week off! My Dad is coming into town from Oregon Friday as well. We have a busy weekend of soccer (for all three) volleyball (Katelyn) and a 4th birthday party (Bryn!).

This weekend, Jadyn and Bryn were playing on the couch--jumping rather. I wanted them to stop, so I had them get down and come over to me. I explained that there were so many other fun things to play with and offered some suggestions. I went out of the room and returned a few minutes later. They were both walking very slowly ON the couch. I told them again I did not want them playing on the couch! Jadyn said to me so calmly, "Mom, it's okay. We are not having ANY fun at all!" I wish I could have said--as long as you're not having any fun, jump away! If only we could use that excuse in real life!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

I would say jump away, but our family doesn't need anymore Orthopedic appointments! Hope you at least let them keep walking on the couch.

Great to hear your dad is coming into town - let him spoil you a bit, and remember to add pictures.

Love the pictures. Have you taught the girls how to ride a bike yet? Remember, your mom offered to do that.

Talk to you soon.
Love, Janette

Anonymous said...

Love the pillow!Priceless

Jadyns smile is worth millions.

Sarah said...

Jadyn and Bryn are doing such exciting new things! Katelyn is so creative to use a pillow that way!

You know, I'm really starting to like this Dr. Euhus guy. Not only is his name really fun to say, but he seems to know when you really need treatment and when you don't!