Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kindergarten coming soon

Yesterday I took Jadyn to Kindergarten Round-Up at Wood, where she will be going next year. It will be a seamless transition to Wood, as Katelyn will be leaving next year for Boles Jr. High. I will not have any missing years at Wood. It is bitter sweet though because I love having Katelyn at Wood, and Boles seems much further away (1 mile :). Katelyn will be so much more independent at Boles. For one thing, I am sure she will not be able to call me at the drop of a hat to come bring her shorts or her folder...or go into Aunt Sandy's office because she forgot to get something signed or she wants book fair money! The list could go on and on. Therefore, it is nice that we have Jadyn to follow right behind, with Bryn just the very next year.

Jadyn and I had a lovely time at dinner with some fellow moms and kiddos entering Wood. Then we went to the Round-up, which offered Jadyn a tour of the school and a chance to meet all the teachers. Then the teachers took the children into the classrooms while the amazing principal Aunt Sandy gave all the parents an introduction to kindergarten and Wood. Jadyn already thinks she knows most of the inner workings at Wood, and has the office staff wrapped around her finger. She would rather go visit Mrs. Donna in her office than hang around with me. I just hope she make it to class on time next year. Actually, Jadyn is very shy in new situations and told me many times how nervous she was. She did just fine with a little prodding. She makes friends easily and is nice to everyone, so I know she will do fine. She just stood (clung!) by me for a little while at first. When Aunt Sandy asked all the kindergarten girls to come stand by her, she went straight away. I don't know if that was because she was ready...or if that was because she knew she was heading straight for her aunt!

I am still on my countdown to Friday and chemo, however, I had a good night's sleep last night and feel okay this morning. I have changed nothing, so I only attribute it to more fervent prayer by others and myself.

Jadyn saw ducks outside our house yesterday and thought we should take a picture. There is a large man made pond a few blocks from our house, so I'm sure they were trying to make it there.

Here are two pictures from Wood last night. They are of Jadyn and Sandy and Jadyn and myself. We could be anywhere, but just know we were at the Round Up! I guess I should have taken pictures of Jadyn with her friends, or her teachers, or of the classroom. I'll remember that for the first day of school.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

It was good talking to you yesterday, thanks for the laughs (even though they were at the expense of your mom, but we won't tell her that (=.

I hope the back and hip pain goes away soon. We are praying for you!

Thanks for the pictures, I love seeing them.

Talk to you soon.

Aunt Janette

Mil said...

Oh sure....another daughter that likes to pick on her mom :) Glad that the chemo treatments are starting up again (I guess looking forward to them is not exactly the right set of words), but praying that your pain goes away quickly. Know that you're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy deserved this one! But it was a 'laugh with', not so much a 'laugh at', ok, maybe a little 'laugh at'....

Thinking of you on Friday (and always!), and praying for a successful chemo round.

All my love,

Amy said...

We love the pictures and can hardly believe that Jadyn is headed for kindergarten. We continue to pray for you daily, that the chemo will be effective and with as few side effects as possible. God is good and trustworthy.
Amy, Erik, Luke and Sprout

jessica said...

Okay, guys...that is enough. You're both going to get me in trouble!