Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Programs and awards...

Jadyn was selected to her Elementary’s "Hall of Fame". I don't know too much about it as we are new to Corey, but the teacher selects a student to be featured in the front hall of the school. Her picture is up, along with some nice words about Jadyn. She was all smiles when I took her picture today in front of her honor. We are proud her!

Last week, Bryn had a program at her school that was called "Get Moving!" Her P.E. teacher coordinated the event and each class had a song. Bryn's class danced with stuffed animals and had a great time. It was very fun to watch. Jadyn got to come too as the program was in the morning. Bryn loves seeing Jadyn come to her school. They will really love when they are in the same school--one more year!


Anonymous said...

Can Jadyn's smile be any bigger? Keep posting the pictures, they are great to see.

Hope your pain goes away soon and all ges well with your chemo this week.

Thinking of you.
Love, Janette

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying that your pain goes away soon. Love the pics of the girls. They are cutie pies.