Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope you are having a fabulous Easter. Our family just got back from church and had a wonderful time of worship. We are now headed over to my grandmother's house where many of my family will gather for a late Easter lunch. I do love spending time with my family.

Friday, we decorated Easter eggs with some friends and family. They come up with "new" decorating kits each year using almost exactly the same supplies, generating almost identical eggs as the old kits. If you decorate eggs each year, you know what I am talking about! We all had a lot of fun!

My hip and back pain has been pretty constant lately. I had a hard night and morning. Jake mentioned trying to see a pain management doctor and I think that is a good idea. Especially if it takes some time for the chemo to get working!

I did, however, have a precious morning with the girls, waking up Easter morning to a living room filled with eggs and Easter baskets filled to the brim with toys, candy and trinkets (as well as the traditional new tooth brush). They all had fun looking for eggs. Their favorite each year is when they find an egg on the living room fan and have to turn on the fan to get the egg to fly off. Bryn said that the Easter bunny must jump high.

We also each Easter try to coordinate outfits as a family. This year we were navy and white. We hope you have a blessed Easter.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to the Kaylor family. What a wonderful God we have to have created such a loving family. I am praying that the pain goes away for you Jessica or at least lessens. Praise God this glorious day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and thanks for the photos. We just returned from Brunch at the Moody's and we shared how muhc we love your new Easter pictures. We send our love and prayers and hope you will get some pain free days very soon.

with Love, The Bangsunds

Amy said...

Hey Kaylors!
We enjoyed the pictures and are praying for effective chemo starting this Friday and God's plan for pain management. Check out our blog for a fabulous shot of Uncle Bob and Luke wearing nearly matching shirts on Easter! Not planned, but very fun!
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout