Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chemo part 2

I had a round of chemo today. I know I have said this, but I have three treatments on and one off. This was part two.

My grandmother came with me today! It was a fairly typical day of treatment. Before chemo, I always have a blood test and today my white blood count was a little low. It did not mean much for my scheduled chemo; I just have to go back to Dallas tomorrow for a blood cell boosting shot.

I then had an appointment with a lymphoedema physical therapist. It was more of a consultation. She measured my arm for swelling, and she actually found none. The only lymphoedema symptom is that I have tightening in my arm when I extend it in certain positions. The therapist staged me at the very beginning of stage I. This means for me that I will have four massage treatments with her, and then get fitted for a compression garment. I am supposed to wear it during the day. Realistically, I will probably wear it when I am home. I am having conflicting thoughts: I do not want lymphoedema to grow, and yet I also want to lead a normal, comfortable life. We'll see. I meet with my surgeon (Dr. Euhus) Monday morning for a four week follow-up to surgery and I will ask him his opinion. Regardless, next week, I will go forward with the treatments--who wouldn't pass up an insurance improved massage? The compression garment will be valuable for now, and when I need it periodically.

The rest of my day concluded with getting a speeding ticket on the way home on my very own street (37 in a 30) and I could see my house as he was issuing the ticket!! When I made the rest of the way home, I was greeted by a wonderful meal brought to us. It was so amazingly abundant and thoughtful that I was brought to tears. Of course, I had just received a ticket...

I am thankful that, right now, I am smiling. Here's to praying for more of those smiles tomorrow!


Amy said...

We love you so much. Sorry about your ticket. We both got our first tickets in years just recently. Must be this stage of life. You'll have to check my blog to see how I feel about speeding now...I'm a changed girl! We pray for you daily.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout

Anonymous said...

The question remains. . .were you still crying AFTER you ate the meal? LOL! Love you -a

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are too nice. Sometimes you have to use the cancer card - I hate to put it that way, but when the cop pulls you over and you say 'sorry, I was distracted, I had chemo today and I have to go back tomorrow for a shot to boost my blood count', or 'sorry, just got out of chemo and feel nauseous, and just want to get home to my house right there (as you point)' do you think the cop is really going to give you a ticket? I'm thinking no, and the thing is, it is probably true, you were distracted with all that is going on right now.

My other advice - always fight a ticket, if you can't get it thrown out, you can at least try to get the fine/points reduced. Keep one thing in mind – you still have less tickets than Grandma!!

Hope you feel better very soon.

Love, Janette

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess,

Grandma (my mom) got mad at me. She said 'what do you mean that I have more tickets than Jessica' and I said 'do you' and she said,
'yes, but I am older'.

Sounds like her, huh?

Have a good day.
Love, Janette

Mil said...

Wow, those Texans must sure drive fast. I'm with Janette....don't hesitate to use the cancer card. EJ uses it to get me to do her laundry :) Hope the pain is less each day. Thinking about you daily.