Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chemo started

I saw Dr. Hayley Friday and I started back on my same treatment: Abraxane (a chemo drug) and Avastin (an intravenous drug that attacks the blood stream, cutting off the blood supply of the tumors). I will have Abraxane for three weeks, and be off one week. This constitutes one "round". I will have Avastin every other week.

I was very clear with Dr. Hayley about all my aches and pains. She told me it was time to get a pain patch. It goes right on my skin and into my bloodstream. I keep it on for three days, and replace it. I put it on Friday afternoon and did not think about pain too much all that night and the rest of Saturday! Then, on Saturday night, I felt a sharp pain in my back that is still there now. It could be flair from treatment and the chemo attacking those tumors. I hope this is so! In the mean time, I am able to both have the patch and use pain meds. However the pain patch is working in every other spot--just not this pesky spot on my back.

I also mentioned to Dr. Hayley that my arm I had surgery on felt a little tight-- on my lower arm. She said that was a very common place for lymphoedema to start, but that physical therapy was effective in treating it at this point. I hope to hear from the physical therapist Monday as to a time to begin treatment.

My Aunt Diane, my cousin Mandy and her new precious baby boy, Jace all came with me to chemo Friday! I was feeling good, and it was great to have them along for the company and conversation. Neither of them had been to the doctor with me yet, so they got to soak in the whole experience.

I am so thankful that most of my pains are gone, please pray for this last back pain to diminish. There is also a woman from our church that began her first chemo Friday, our precious school counselor that had chemo last week, and another administrator in our district that is beginning treatment as well. Additionally, a friend is recovering from breast surgery and will start treatment very soon. I can't tell if I am just more aware of cancer now, or if it is that more people are diagnosed with it. Probably both, but we will all beat it--the sooner the better!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better, and finally getting your chemo again! I hope that your back pain goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

bless your heart Jessica! I HATE that you are having to deal w/ ANY pain! I am praying that God will take it all away, so just be expecting for it to GO!
You hang in there w/ your optimistic spirit, strength & trust in God, that so many admire!
God bless you & keep you!!!

Prince Jeremy Ryan Butler said...

Im still praying for you. I still want you to be my personal cook since I am now the King, and not the Crown Prince of Quaziland.

Anonymous said...

Off of the topic, but please let those who know that Jake's little brother Zak is an engineering major that he goes to UVA in Charlottesville, VA and not Tech in Blacksburg and that he is OK. I don't know about some of his classmates from High school who go to Virginia Tech- there hasn't been a list of names yet. I've had a lot of worried phone calls from people who know that Zak is an engineering major in Virginia.

jessica said...

Thanks for the clarification. It has been horrific to watch on the news about the shootings. Having Zak so close to the situation makes us feel for the families. I am thankful it is NOT as his campus and that he is okay.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess, I hope you are staying ahead of the pain/ patch and it is helping. You have such a positive outlook, and it is contagious, keep up the great work.

We missed you at book club this weekend - we figured we would hook you in by close circuit TV. Mexican food - I am still full.

Love you and to all your family. Glad everyone is safe!


Amy said...

We continue to pray that God will take care of every pain you have. He is our Comfort and our Peace. We love you so much and echo the comment that we hate you being in pain.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout