Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adoption Day

Our family of five, plus my mom and dad, my grandma and grandpa and our cousin Corbin (who is Katelyn’s age) all went down to the Family Law courthouse in Ft. Worth today to make official what we have held true for a long time: Katelyn is an official Kaylor. We were all asked to come to the judge’s stand as Jake, Katelyn and I answered a few questions. Then, it was her honor's distinct privilege to grant the stepparent adoption of Katelyn to Jake. The bailiff was so nice to use my camera to take several pictures while we talked to the judge. At one point, the judge had us all come behind her bench to take a picture with her. Jadyn and Bryn even got to sit on the judge's desk! Then, all the children got to pick out a stuffed animal from a massive bin. It was so neat to have 4 generations of our family there to support us. After shuttling the yikes off to school late, the three of us (Jake Katelyn and myself) went to lunch together. We had a pretty relaxing afternoon, and then 16 of our wonderful family members were able to gather again for a celebration dinner for Katelyn. We all have wonderful memories to hold in our hearts.

I got to see Ella Grace SO briefly today. I can’t wait to visit with her longer. All the nurses are taking such good care of one of their very own! Hope was born at Arlington Memorial, Austin and now Ella were born there, and now she works as an RN there too! My friend Alyson gave Ella a big bow for Ella to wear. I put it on her when I went to see her. Ella looks fabulous!

I am feeling the same. I have a few scans early next week, and then the doctors will decide when and what type of radiation to perform.

We never watch courtroom stuff on TV, but when we were flipping channels Thursday afternoon, Bryn saw one and said, “That is just like where we were today!” And, then out of the blue as we were driving home from dinner, Bryn said, “Did we win in that court today?” Yes, we definitely won!

I was having some trouble posting for the last few days, so sorry for the delay.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kaylor Family,
I'm sitting at my computer crying after reading this one! Tears of happiness, Thank you once again for sharing how God works in our lives! I feel so blessed to know you and call you friends.
Wow- what a great day for your family! I'm so happy for all 5 Kaylors! What an amazing gift to have it official. I love you guys!
Continue to celebrate your blessings, You deserve them all!
Carrie Patchen

Anonymous said...

You are (and always have been) a beautiful family. We are so happy for all of you.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kaitlyn! What a beautiful story from a beautiful family. I'm so proud of Jake and your family. I love to hear stories about your family. What an awesome gift to have such a large, loving family around you. I am lucky to know some of your aunts and how much they love each and everyone of you. Praise God.

Mil said...

Congratulations to all of you, but especially Kaitlin and Jake. Reading about the events of the day reminded me of when my husband Gary adopted my daughter Carol. Like you, we had other children, and it was really important to make the adoption final even though it had been a real father/daughter relationship for many years prior. This step sort of completes you as a family. May God continue to bless all of let's get busy and take care of your pain Jess.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jake and Katelyn!
Jake, I really hope that I will get to meet your beautiful family someday. Have a great summer!
your cousin Kate

Amy said...

Hey Kaylors!
That rocks! We are blessed to continually see God at work in your lives.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout

Sarah said...

I was so excited to get you for my first niece 8 years ago. When I first met you when you were 4, you were leading an entire room full of adults in some kind of standing and clapping game you were inventing. You are still so creative and such a good leader. You're simply fantastic! Congratulations to you and your daddy on such an exciting day. I couldn't be prouder to be your aunt, now officially!